Postural Restoration: The Simple Exercise That Can Combat Stress And Poor Sleep

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After years playing professional rugby, Third Space trainer and Esquire fitness columnist Luke Worthington was suffering with a recurring shoulder injury that was preventing him from working out properly and enjoying his life.

His search for a solution led him to the America, and specifically the headquarters of baseball team the Boston Red Sox.

"I was blown away by what I saw. Top level athletes getting into quite peculiar positions and doing breathing exercises in what looked like a cross between yoga, pilates and meditation."

Luke had discovered Postural Restoration, an approach to fitness that is still little known.

"The affect it was having, not just on the players' mobility but their emotional state and stress levels, was quite staggering and almost instantaneous," he says. "So I decided to learn more."

A decade later, Luke is not only the UK's leading expert in Postural Restoration but fully recovered from his old injury.


"I’m able to do things I was doing twenty years ago. It was a bit younger I might even consider playing again!"

In this video, he talks you through four simple exercises that you can do every day to improve your mental and physical health.

"Incorporating this sequence into your daily routine can have direct impact on sleep quality and duration, stress levels and how well you recover from exercise. You can’t do it too much or too often."

Learn more about Postural Restoration here.

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Luke Worthington
Luke Worthington is an Elite Master Trainer and Trainer Educator at Third Space Group. He's also a former professional rugby player and a former world endurance record holder.
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