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How Lucky Will the Year of the Pig Be for You?

Finally, after two crazy years, the pig grants us peace, love, and fortune.
IMAGE Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

While the NFL Super Bowl threw the pigskin yesterday, causing both competition and (unfortunately) racial tension, the year of the Earth Pig begins today, February 5, and with it a year of peace-loving fortune and luck… finally!

After two consecutive roller coaster years, it’s nice to settle down with someone who just wants the best for you. Don’t call Mother Pig a swine for she will be doing things for your own good, just like a maternal figure should, even if it’s not to your liking. 

Princesse Lim Fernandez of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony in New World Hotel says that this will definitely be a year to further careers and amass wealth for signs who are in harmony with the Earth Pig. It’s a great year to make money and a good year to invest because the Year of the Pig attracts success in all facets of life. 

Gird your loins and grab life by the balls. Have you got what it takes to take a leap? Are you going to take a risk? Mother’s got your back. And isn’t that what all Asian men really want deep down inside?

For those who aren’t going to be particularly popular with Ms. Piggy this year, there really isn’t any need to worry. Just lay low and indulge in some self-care. ‘Tis the season to look after your health, which is wealth, as that often overused but unerring saying goes. Give special thought and attention to preparing for the future. 


If you’re not tight with the Pig squad this year, try low-risk investments, while businesses in real estate, food, agriculture, and technology are set to soar. 

The year of the Earth Pig is a time of cooling down because it can also be a time of conflict and a time of setbacks. However, it is also a time for turning things around and a time of wealth, so choose your own adventure wisely. 

Pro tip: If you want to be more specific, then you should mind your sign during the day of your birth. There are two zodiac signs to consider should you want a more personalized and accurate reading: your year and day of birth. These will show you a better balance of what lies in store for you in the coming year. 

Don’t know your complete astrological chart? Visit the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony website and click on the Ba Zi calculator to find out.  


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IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

It may be your year, Pig, but take it slow. Time for you to take stock of life and smell the roses… Don’t let stress and pressure you down. Trot your way through the year carefully and watch where you step or you might find yourself strung up and roasted.  


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

You won’t be jumping off any burning ships this year as Rats have a heck of a good year coming their way. It’s time to make those money moves and shmooze around to expand your network. Work hard and play hard, and you’ll be golden with Mother Pig 



So, last year was a bust… Lick your wounds, man. You had a lot to deal with and you’ve been shook, but let’s hope you’ve learned from the experience so history will not repeat itself. Need something to ward off the bad juju? We can’t blame you for being a little wary of life and needing some helping hands, or in this case helping heads by way of the Double Double Money Catcher. Once this mythical creature accepts you as its master you are said to possess anything that they set their hearts on.  


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

This year will not faze you, but does anything, really? You’ll have an equal share of auspicious and inauspicious stars this year, so be watchful… and don’t tear anyone’s head off too quickly lest you regret it. The simplest way to make sure you keep wealth luck in check? Grab a money pouch that you can stick in your briefcase and forget about for the rest of the year. The Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony has a relatively discreet one that also contains special elements to absorb negative energy.  



Run, Rabbit, run! You’ve got a pleasant year ahead with a lot of things going your way. There are so many stars in your chart, you might as well rename yourself Hollywood. Keep sharp and look sharp. Enhance those luck vibes and wear a spot of this year’s lucky colors. Earthy beiges and browns, brighter spots of yellow and orange, and tito-friendly corals, pinks, and salmons should figure in your ensemble when you’ve got a big meeting or need a little boost. 


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

Dragons also have a much better year in store for them after the tumultuous year that passed. This year will be your chance to make up for the delays and losses experienced last year. Go full-on Terry Pratchett and invest in a Cosmic Tortoise that strengthens your foundation for stability, success, and victory over one’s rivals. It is said that revolving the crystal ball daily improves business acumen and intelligence and creates an invigorating Ch’i (positive energy). 


Get out of town. Seriously. If you’ve been putting off taking a vacation or going on sabbatical, now’s the time to do it. Those born under the year of the Snake can depend on their Travel Star this year to help ease their issues with Mother Pig (if you can’t stay friends with Momma, then stay away). Go take lovely vacation photos and come back rested, relaxed, and ready to hustle next year when things have cooled. 



IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

Whoah, Nelly. You’ve got a busy year ahead if you want to take advantage of those two Prosperity Fortune Stars in your chart. Your future’s so bright, it’s blinding, so be vigilant to recognize the opportunities when they present themselves and grab it. It’s time to work, werk, werq. Sleep when you’re dead… or at least next year, after you’ve made your millions. 


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

Goats, there’s so much more to deal with this 2019. It will be kind of tough, but it’s also a time for you to separate the wheat from the chaff both at work and in your personal life. So while you may lose friends, work relations, and other connections (bye, Felicia!), this is a good thing and better for you in the long run. Make sure you’re prepared to handle it.  


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

You’re such a boss that all you have to do is stand still to make money. Monkeys have a Prosperity Star as well as an Aspiring Star this year. You’re so lucky, even the air you breathe is auspicious. People should be bottling your sweat and selling it at a premium. 


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

This is no time to start flexing, Rooster. You would do well to stay on the right side of Lady Law. Weigh all your options before making plans. Keep some Wise Men Walnuts on your desk. These will help tap your creative skills, enhance self-upgrade insight, and keep a clear head for good decision making. And hey, pop them walnuts into your pockets when you need to be extra sharp. You never know when you need a third nut. 


IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons - Angelus

Who’s a happy puppy? Yes you are! Dogs are in for a happy new year! You’re exceeding what you have planned. There will be some surprises that will await you this year, so don’t go off and be reckless, buying a new Richard Mille Automatic Sucette watch or making quick business deals on the side because your luck isn’t that good! Always look at the fine print. And watch your health. It may be time to put in for that executive check-up the office has been bugging you about. But all in all, you’re chillin’ and illin’.


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