PyeongChang Breaks the Record for Most Condoms Ever Distributed in Winter Olympics History

There will be enough for each athlete to have 37 condoms.

South Korea wants all of the athletes participating in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang to practice safety first. And we're not referring to knee pads and helmets (those are a given). 

According to the South China Morning Post, a total of 110,000 condoms will be handed out to all 2,925 participants, which comes out to 37 condoms per athlete. The Games run from February 9 to February 25 (16 days), which means the pros will have to be getting busy more than once a day to go through their full personal stash—but they're Olympic athletes after all, they have the stamina! 

The Morning Post also notes that the total number of contraceptives being given out bests the numbers provided at Vancouver in 2010 or Sochi in 2014 by a solid 10,000. That's a lot of sex, or novelty balloons animals I guess!? 

But although this year's number is reportedly the highest amount of condoms ever given at any Winter Games, it is not the most number of condoms handed out in Olympics history. SB Nation reported in July 2016 that the athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics were given a total of 450,000 total condoms throughout the duration of the summer competition (but countries tend to send larger delegations to Summer Olympics, which skews the numbers in turn). 

In PyeongChang, organizers have made sure to make the condoms easily accessible to all of the athletes. “Baskets with condoms will be placed at both men’s and women’s toilets at athletes’ villages in PyeongChang and Gangneung, the main press center, the media village as well as medical centers," Olympic organizers have explained. 


Convenience Co., the manufacturer of the condoms, said they donated over 100,000 in hopes of “a successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus." 

"We don't expect the athletes to use them all," spokesman Chung Geun-sik added, which kind of sounds like a challenge.


From: Cosmopolitan US

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