The Best Luxury Destinations For The Clearest Water In The World


If you've ever said "pass" to jumping into a lake because it was so murky you couldn't see your feet, you're not alone. It's not really advisable, either. But you'll never run into that problem at these lakes, bays and coastlines. From secluded Maldives islands to Samoan trenches, here are five luxury destinations that guarantee crystal-clear waters.

The Maldives


You've no doubt heard a lot about these beautiful atolls (a string of closely spaced small coral islands enclosed by a shallow lagoon) in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Where’s best to stay?

Picking the perfect accommodation in a 7 star-laden paradise should be a struggle, but not when Coco Priveexists. The 1.4-hectare island one of the most exclusive private destinations on earth, attracting a host of A-list celebrities thanks to its abundant beauty, decadent comforts, remote location and paparazzi-foiling foliage.

The azure Indian Ocean is all yours for unlimited diving, canoeing, catamaran sailing and more. Once you’ve tuckered yourself out with water sports, a personal chef will dutifully satisfy any culinary craving you have (from haute cuisine to chicken nuggets) while 35 dedicated butlers wait at hand.

The six Guz Wilkinson-designed mid-century modern villas are torn straight out of parallel Mad Men universe, where Don Draper traded whiskey for windsurfing (though the Old Fashioneds are on-tap, naturally.) It’s all a 30-minute speedboat ride away from Male airport, but if you’re spending this much (£34,430 per night for ten people) you may as well swing for the yacht option, right? Right.


Jenny Lake in Wyoming

Approximately 12,000 years ago, this lake was formed when glaciers pushed rock debris to the side and carved out a canyon. Today, it's the main attraction in Grand Teton National Park — for obvious reasons.

Where's best to stay?

First thing’s first: if you want to truly experience ‘Real America’ in all its relentlessly scenic beauty, you’re going to want to drive.

You’re also going to want to stay in a ranch, albeit one where you don’t have to do any work whatsoever. That’s where Spring Creek comes in. The stunning range of wooden townhouses and villas are a mere 20-minute drive from Grand Teton National Park, where Jenny Lake is situated.

That being said, there’s plenty of nature on your doorstep considering the lodge is located on a wildlife retreat 1,000 feet above Jackson, offering spectacular views of the town and national park.

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To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa

In the middle of the Lotofaga village is this sua, which means "big hole." A ladder was installed so visitors seeking out this pristine destination could swim in the almost 100-foot-deep waters.

Where's best to stay?

A mere 15-minute walk from To Sua Ocean Trench sits the Aga Reef Resort and its row of wooden, ocean-facing island villas.

The four-star destination is shrouded in nature on the south-east coast of Opulu island, an area that contains another awe-inspiring display of Samoa’a aquatic beauty in the form of Sopo-aga Falls.

Aga Reef’s sheer convenience, ever-present ocean views, tropical vibrancy and private beach make it the ultimate Samoan hideaway.

Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand


People from all over travel to this island (the largest of the Phi Phi islands), even though it can only be accessed by ferry. But even if lines for these transit boats are long, it's a sight to behold even during the boat ride.

Where's best to stay?

British backpackers have had a predictably raucous impact on many of Thailand’s coastal attractions, and Koh Phi Phi is no exception.

If you’re looking for respite from fishbowl drink deals and blaring clubs, then the tranquil, tropical Zeavola resort & spa on the white-sanded Laem Tong Beach should be on your agenda.

Located on the north of the island and designed to resemble a traditionally rural Thai village, the luxurious teakwood bungalows that stretch across Zeavola are just a short longboat away from almost any beach of your choosing.

Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

The Adriatic Sea along this coast is part of the reason Croatia has become one of the hottest new destinations to visit in Europe. Dramatic limestone cliffs line the water and make it a totally unique experience.

Where's best to stay?

The rustic wonder that is Palmizana sits on a little islet just 15 minutes away from Hvar Town. The hotel was founded by the Meneghello family in 1906, who quickly turned it into a botanical paradise, filling the island with fragrant flora and fauna.

That's why all three generations of the founding family refer to it as the ‘Garden of Eden’, and guests are typically just as effusive. Palmizana offers travellers the chance to truly switch off and engage with nature (and not just because the Wi-Fi's a bit shabby).

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