These Industries Have the Most Job Opportunities for Filipinos in 2022

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In 2020, the average unemployment rate dropped to 10.43 percent. Meanwhile, the year that followed had various industries rebounding, but the rate was still at 7.93 percent. The Philippines is looking to cut that rate down even further this year.

In case we didn't know where to start looking, we should turn to one of the Philippines' leading online job platforms. JobStreet recently published its "Job Outlook Report 2022: The Rise to Recovery," where it detailed the sectors that are looking for the most workers. 

The report concluded that four key domestic industries have gotten back to pre-pandemic growth levels based on insights coming from ad volume and applications. Jobstreet also took to analyzing the supply and demand in key industries in the Philippines to provide us with valuable insights on our current job market and prospects.

So which industries should we be looking at exactly?


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Photo by Job Outlook Report 2022: The Rise to Recovery.

Photo by Job Outlook Report 2022: The Rise to Recovery.

Computer and IT

Digital industries and services have only been accelerated by the pandemic. The demand for jobs in this sector almost doubled. According to JobStreet's report, software developer-related jobs increased by 83.3 percent. This growth can primarily be attributed to companies' focus on digitization. Higher salaries can be expected, too, as specialized positions grow.


These days, teachers have learned to adapt to both online and face-to-face classroom settings, as well as to hybrid arrangements provided by the institution. This has allowed practitioners some sense of flexibility in their lives. JobStreet data suggests that there are more than 97 percent of opportunities posted for the sector within the entry and junior executive levels.

Healthcare and Medical

Of course, the pandemic has brought about more opportunities in the healthcare and medical sector, as well. Job posts for nurses grew by as much as 45.3 percent. The state has also made it a point to hire more than 10,000 healthcare workers in the government system.

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With digitization comes a higher demand for telecommunication services. The demand is also compounded by the introduction of 5G technology on a national scale, which should add to this already growing industry's job openings. Junior executive posts in the telecommunications area account for 52.5 percent of jobs posted. Positions in the sales and marketing department, on the other hand, increased by 76 percent.

Apart from these findings, the report said that the banking and financial services, manufacturing and production, transportation and logistics, as well as construction and engineering are each seeing gradual improvemets. Jobstreet noted that the industries' growth was only hampered by quarantine restrictions and the like.

Openings in sectors such as retail and merchandise, business process outsourcing, real estate, and hospitality, however, are lagging behind but are nevertheless recovering from pandemic woes.

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