Here Are Some Inspiring Business Insights from the 2021 CEO Virtual Summit

The three-day event brought together several big-name speakers to share their experiences.

The pandemic has brought about uncertainties and adjustments to entrepreneurs everywhere. It’s  become more important than ever then for business owners to keep tabs on new ways to adapt and learn. How businesses adapt, particularly to COVID-19, was the main topic of this year's CEO Virtual Summitwhich was held online from August 25 to 27. Keynote speakers shared insights regarding a number of topics relevant to the change in how businesses operate in light of the new normal. 

One of the speakers, Willy Tee Ten, president of Autohub Group of Companies, divided the timeline for businesses between Before Covid (BC) and After Delta (AD). He talked of the various reinforcements that Autohub had to do once the pandemic hit. If there were car showrooms and prospecting in the BC era, the AD period now calls for online showcases and influencer marketing. The company group has also made sure to utilize the online space a lot more, with chatbots for websites and podcasts and webinars for training sessions. 

Another talk in the event was by the president of the UP System Information Technology Foundation, Monchito Ibrahim, who detailed how the seeds of the next great growth industries are being planted as we speak. His talk was centered around the importance of having a company vision during a crisis. According to him, a vision was like a North star—a guide to what a company aspires to be. Ibrahim also talked about the book Lead from the Future by Mark Johnson, and the techniques it shares to build a vision. 


And then there’s Dr. Vicki Belo’s talk, which discussed how to lead in a crisis. As the founder and medical director of the Belo Medical Group, she has gathered plenty of leadership principles over the years. One of these is to treat her employees like family: to not only love and affirm employees as family members but also discipline and educate them if there was a need. She also delved into the story of how and why she founded Belo, which was rooted in the vision of allowing people to feel beautiful. She also said the following about creating a company with a heart: “Doing what you don't love is called stress. Doing what you love is called passion.”

The CEO Virtual Summit was an opportunity to have different conversations about the pandemic to take place as it’s important for businesses to try and learn as much as they can about the various ways to deal with a crisis. After all, as Monchito Ibrahim, quoting Yogi Berra, said: “The future is not what it used to be.” 


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