In the Philippines, There's a Good Chance Your Boss Is a Woman

As Beyonce once challenged, who run the world?

Across the world, women are stepping into more and more leadership roles as countries move closer toward gender equality. One prime example is the Philippines, where more often than not, you boss is likely to be a woman instead of a man.

According to the International Labor Organization, the Philippines is one of only five countries out of 83 countries that have achieved a balanced percentage of women and men in leadership positions.

Out of the 83 countries that participated in the report, Jordan led the pack with 62 percent of leadership roles filled by women, followed by Saint Lucia, Botswana, Honduras—and the Philippines, which closed the top five.

Infographic: Where Women Are Most Likely to Be Your Boss | Statista From Statista

Meanwhile, Belarus was the highest-ranking country from Europe, coming in at sixth place. The U.S.A. was far from the top five, landing at 21st place with only 40 percent of managerial roles filled by women.

According to Statista, Eastern European countries, former Soviet Republics, and Central American nations typically do better in this ranking than so-called Western nations.


Asian and African countries also usually rank lower, with the Philippines being the exception to the rule. The data journalists at Statista have tied the success of female managers in the Philippines with the country's strong BPO industry, where women are actually "over-represented" and make up around 66 to 75 percent of the workforce.

Although the increased number of women in managerial positions bodes well for achieving gender equality in the workplace, there is still much to be said about the misogyny that remains prevalent in Filipino society.

That said, the private sector is a good place to start the change.

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