Liquid Asset: This Guy Sold His Whisky Collection to Buy a House

A Scotsman gave his now 28-year-old son a bottle of 18-year-old Macallan whisky every time he celebrated his birthday since he was born. Now, the son has sold the entire collection for about $57,000, enough to buy his first house.

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Matthew Robson, from Taunton, England was born in 1992 and his father, Pete, says he has spent some £5,000 for the 28 bottles of Macallan single malt whisky, according to a report on CNBC. Based on estimates by his whisky broker Mark Littler, the collection can fetch more than £40,000 and has described it as a "perfect set" for whisky collectors.

"The value of Macallan has risen massively over the last five to 10 years," Littler said. "To have such a vast collection of bottles is the real selling point of these." Littler added that there has been a number of interested parties, mostly from buyers based in New York and Asia.

Photo by Macallan.

According to the father, Pete, he bought the first bottle of Macallan which was distilled in 1974 to "wet the baby's head." It’s an old and deeply rooted Orkney tradition and that is still practiced today.

According to Orcadian tradition, “Weetin’ the heed o’ the bern," or wetting the child’s head, was a custom that ensured the infant was brought luck. A bottle of whisky was brought out for the occasion and in many cases consumed by the new father and the menfolk of the area.

It was not also unusual for the father to use this very whisky as the child’s first drink. Just a little drop of whisky, was believed to give the infant good luck, preferably using a silver teaspoon.

The Orkney Islands is an archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland, off the north coast of the island of Great Britain. 

But this was not the case for the Robsons. "It wasn't the only present he got from us. It was just meant to be a unique present but it was a little bit of luck that we kept it going," said the younger Robson. Holding on to his liquid assets proved to be a great windfall for him.

Matthew also said it wasn’t probably the best gift for a young boy but clarified that his father did give strict instructions never to open them and was intended as a nest egg for his future.

"Each year I received it as a birthday present," Matthew said. "I thought it was quite a quirky little present as I was slightly too young to start drinking. But I was under strict instructions, never, never to open them and I tried my hardest and succeeded and they're all intact."

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"I thought it would be interesting if I bought one every year and he'd end up with 18 bottles of 18-year-old whisky for his 18th birthday," he added.

The younger Robson said he is starting his own whisky collection for when he has kids of his own.

Last year, the Philippine distributor for Macallan held a tasting event and according to Macallan, it recently broke its own record for the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold. 

A 60-year-old Macallan 1926 was sold in 2019 for a whopping $1.5 million. It was bottled in 1986 after maturing for six decades at Macallan’s distillery in Scotland.


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