This Virtual Gucci Bag Was Sold For More Than The Real Thing, And It's Not Even an NFT

Sometimes, we just don't understand the internet.

We've heard all about NFTs and the lengths people will go to own one. And by lengths, we mean a couple million dollars. But now, something else is emerging online: the sale of non-NFT virtual goods that, essentially, hold zero value.

Case in point: this virtual Gucci Dionysus bag that was sold for $4,115 (P198,000) on the gaming platform Roblox using 350,000 Robux currency, which is not even a cyptocurrency but a digital currency that can only be used on Roblox.

The craziest thing about the entire thing? This virtual version of the bag was sold for more than the price of the real live version of the Dionysus bag, which is sold commercially starting from $3,400 (P163,000).

The virtual bag was sold as part of Gucci's two-week online event with Roblox, but since the astronomical sale of the first virtual bag, the price of the virtual bag has dropped to less than $800 in the game. But let's remember that users can't even use the bag outside of the game, in real life, and really, never at all.


It's not an NFT, it's not digital art, and is essentially useless outside of the Roblox platform, and yet, it's clear people are willing to cash out thousands just for the hell of it.

Cypto and NFTs continue to boggle most people's minds, but there is some sense to that chaos. But this? Even we can't quite wrap our heads around it.

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