Which Countries Have the Most Billionaires?

The home countries of the world's UHNWI.

There are high net worth individuals and then there are ultra-high net worth individuals—those with wealth that surpasses $100 million.

Forbes lists and Bloomberg rankings are populated with American billionaires, with China’s one percent quickly catching up. But where do the rest of the world’s richest come from? Boston Consulting Group’s 2021 wealth report narrowed down the top 12 UHNWI markets, and unsurprisingly, the U.S. and China lead the pack.

The U.S. boasts the highest amount of UHNW investable wealth, amounting to a whopping $5.8 trillion. China follows closely behind at $3.6 trillion. But markets like Germany, France, and Taiwan are gaining ground.

Here are the countries where the world’s wealthiest come from:

1| U.S.A
Number of UHNWI: 20,600
UHNW investable wealth: $5.8 trillion

2| China
Number of UHNWI: 7,800
UHNW investable wealth: $3.6 trillion

3| Germany
Number of UHNWI: 2,900
UHNW investable wealth: $1.4 trillion

4| France
Number of UHNWI: 2,500
UHNW investable wealth: $700 billion

5| U.K.
Number of UHNWI: 2,100
UHNW investable wealth: $600 billion

6| Canada
Number of UHNWI: 1,900
UHNW investable wealth: $500 billion

7| Hong Kong
Number of UHNWI: 1,900
UHNW investable wealth: $1 trillion

8| Italy
Number of UHNWI: 1,800
UHNW investable wealth: $500 billion

9| Taiwan
Number of UHNWI: 1,300
UHNW investable wealth: $400 billion

10| India
Number of UHNWI: 800
UHNW investable wealth: $600 billion

11| Switzerland
Number of UHNWI: 700
UHNW investable wealth: $400 billion

12| Russia
Number of UHNWI: 500
UHNW investable wealth: $500 billion

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