Bongbong Marcos Claimed He Was 'Friends' with The Beatles. Was He Really?

In George Harrison’s 1986 interview, he said they were glad to snub the Marcos family.

During Bongbong Marcos’ interview with Toni Gonzaga, he casually mentioned that he was friends with the members of The Beatles, in response to Gonzaga’s question about the musicians he idolized. 

Marcos was talking about what his career would have been if he didn’t enter politics.

“I would have been a musician,” Marcos revealed. “I only had two ambitions when I was little. To become a rockstar and to become an astronaut. 

Gonzaga followed up with a question about his idols. 

“Which rockstar was your idol?”

“[The Rolling] Stones,” Marcos answered. “Mick Jagger. Well, The Beatles, all of them,” said Marcos. 

“I became friends with all of them eventually. Nakilala ko silang lahat. Of course, I was speechless in front of them,” said Marcos. 

But in a 1986 interview at NBC’s Today show, George Harrison, the lead guitarist of The Beatles, had no kind words for the Marcos family. The interview was also picked up by the Associated Press in this 1986 report


“He tried to kill us. President Marcos,” said Harrison, while shaking his fist in anger. 

“We went to Manila back in the ‘60s, The Beatles on a tour, and we did a concert. The next morning, [we were] in bed and somebody knocked on the door of our hotel suite and said, ‘Come on, you’re supposed to be at the Palace,’” said Harrison. 

“We said, ‘No, no, no, we don’t have any engagements anywhere.’ But somebody, some smart guy said ‘Sure I’ll get The Beatles at the Palace.”

″We turned the television on and there it was, this big palace with lines of people and the guy saying, ‘Well, they’re still not here yet.’ ″And we watched ourselves not arrive at the palace. But we were never supposed to be there.″

Harrison implied the elder Marcos was angered by the so-called snub, and reportedly set the mob on the band. ″Consequently, he set the mob on us and tried to beat us up, which they did; they beat up a lot of people in with us, and wouldn’t let the airplane leave Manila until (Brian) Epstein, our manager, had to get off the plane and give back the money we earned at the concert,″ Harrison continued. 

Harrison said the story was played up as “Beatles Snub First Family.

“Which I’m glad we did. See, even in those days we had taste,″ said Harrison. 

″So that’s what I think of Marcos. Old twit, he was,″ he added. 

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