The Crown, Live: 10 Mic Drops from Meghan and Harry's Bombshell Interview With Oprah

He said what?

In a moment of pure trash reality TV, the world finally got a good look inside the biggest reality show in history: the British Royal family. Outside the royal bubble that cocoons the privileged royals of the British monarchy, their actions are becoming more and more perceived as simple tabloid fodder than actual societal impact.

Let’s be real: Unlike monarchies in other parts of the world, namely those in Asia, the British monarchy has been more symbolic than spiritual, existing purely due to public approval instead of perceived divine appointment. It’s a tricky tightrope, but it never fails to attract global attention. And never had there been such a shocking interview on the royals by the royals than Princess Diana’s bombshell interview in 1995 when she revealed her husband’s affair to the world.

Until now. Shade was served and tea was delivered in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey where they revealed far more than the Institution would have liked them to. We’re sure someone is already furiously typing a scathing press release in Buckingham Palace.

Here are the 10 epic revelations from Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview that’s no doubt pissed off all the characters in The Crown. Get your popcorn, kids! The Kardashians could never.

1| Someone was concerned about Archie’s skin getting darker

To no one’s surprise, Meghan revealed the microaggressions she and her then unborn baby faced for simply being black. Markle has been the victim of incessant race-fueled bigotry from the British tabloids, and unfortunately, her son has inherited the attention. According to Meghan, someone was worried about just how dark Archie’s skin would become as he got older. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who asked that question.


2| 'My brother and father are trapped'

In one of the biggest bombshell moments of the interview, Harry called out his brother and father as being “trapped” in the Institution and the system it has perpetuated. He said he too was trapped but was unaware of his chains until he got a good hard look at the real world. He doesn’t explain further what he means by trapped, whether it’s trapped by privilege, trapped in servitude to the crown, or just trapped in the archaic institution that’s lost its purpose in modern society.

3| 'My father stopped taking my calls'

The entire situation has caused strife between father and son. Harry revealed that his father stopped taking his calls after his son took "matters into his own hands." Looks like they didn't see eye to eye on things. 

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4| Meghan reminded them of Diana

According to Harry and Meghan, the royal family started treated them differently after the Australian tour, reminiscent of the way the family also treated Diana differently after her successful Australian tour. While the word wasn't mentioned, it was strongly implied that jealousy was a huge factor. If you’ve seen Season 4 of The Crown, you know what we’re talking about. 

5| Meghan had suicidal thoughts

On a more serious note in this otherwise irreverent article, Meghan revealed her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts at the peak of her pregnancy with Archie when the tabloids were particularly cruel to her. It was a grave moment in the interview that, despite highlighting important insights on mental health, is already being ridiculed online. Smh.

6| It’s a girl!

The (only) good news? They’ve got a baby on the way and it’s a girl!

7| The tabloids are more powerful than the Institution

Perhaps the most defaming moment of their tell-all with Oprah was the revelation that the tabloids in fact have a strong hold over the Institution, which is pretty shocking considering that, well, they’re royalty. But even a crown won’t protect you from the ability to sway public opinion. Harry revealed that there’s an unspoken, invisible contract behind closed doors between the heads of the tabloids and the heads of the royal family. Essentially, if you “wine and dine” the tabloids, you’ll get better press. If not, then expect the worst.


Harry even spoke of the way the tabloids control the family through fear, because as we all know, public opinion is the only reason monarchy is still standing. Let's not forget the moment Meghan dropped the bomb that the palace hosts the tabloids' annual events to get on their good side. The PR team in Buckingham Palace is probably holding a crisis meeting right now.

8| Harry would have never left the family if not for Meghan

Meg’s haters are probably eating up the fact that Harry revealed that he would have likely never left the royal family if not for his wife. He explained that he didn’t see the "trap" he was in, but his relationship with Meghan certainly changed that.

9| Diana’s money got them through hard times

In another homage to Diana, Harry shared that his inheritance from his mother helped his family when he was financially cut off from the royals. He said he believed she left him a $10 million inheritance because she knew he might one day need it. And she was right.

10| Prince Charles let Harry down the same way he let down Diana

Here’s a moment that probably got Prince Charles’ media liaison sweating: Harry publicly stated that his father had let him down, and it’s awfully easy to see the parallels between Harry’s situation and Diana’s. As Harry has said plenty of times, he doesn't want history repeating itself. But it looks like it has.

BONUS: Apparently, the royal family has an HR department

So that's a thing. 


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