Q.C. to Investigate Barangay Officials for Alleged Abuse of Power in SAP Implementation

This comes after several complaints were made by residents.

On May 10, The Quezon City government announced that they've launched a "full-blown" investigation into certain barangay officials and employees who've "allegedly abused their power or neglected their duties in the implementation of the DSWD Social Amelioration Program or SAP."

The local government received several complaints for:

  1. illegal replication of SAP forms
  2. deprivation of SAP forms to qualified beneficiaries in favor of preferred but unqualified recipients or relatives
  3. illegal deduction of "processing fees," "donations," and "membership dues" from cash aid
  4. redistribution of cash aid to several beneficiaries after the scheduled payout

Guilty barangay officials and employees may also be "held criminally liable for violations of RA 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, Falsification, Fraud Against the Public Treasury, Malversation, and Robbery."

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The Facebook post ends with a reminder for all Quezon City officials and employees: "Public office is a public trust...Elected and appointed city officials alike are expected to strictly abide by these principles of law, and any violation or disregard thereof will never be condoned or tolerated in this City."

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