Mocha Uson's Old Tweets Really Crossed a Line-and She's Not Going to Get Fired Over Them

Like James Gunn, her old Tweets have come back to haunt her. Should she also lose her job over them?
IMAGE Joseph Pascual

Mocha Uson is an open book. This is partially how she's arrived at where she is today: not just a five-million-strong political force on social media, but also the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. By relying on little else than candor, she has managed to command a legion of followers and a level of influence that eventually got her appointed into public office.

We know—and we're sure she herself will readily acknowledge—that this candor was not always about matters of politics. Before she was the Mocha Uson we know today, she was a sexy entertainer, whose public image pushed the limits of taboo and female sexuality. Dig through her old tweets from long before the 2016 elections and you'll find extremely provocative thoughts about sex, masturbation, and other matters of lasciviousness.

And difficult as it is to admit, she shouldn't be faulted for that in 2018. It's easy to say that this old Mocha Uson was lewd, unsavory, and, well, offensive; but one could also reasonably argue that she was, in her own crude way, a sex-positive influence. You might even find yourself agreeing with the old Mocha Uson in some instances, like when she advocated for safe sex and held some surprisingly liberal views about abortion. Also, like everyone, Uson has the right to change as a person—as she claims she has. So now, despite everything else we know her for, isn't cool to slut-shame Mocha Uson.

There is, however, a line. And while we won't slut-shame her, we must hold her to account for instances when the old Mocha Uson crossed this line, even now that she is a new (and yet still in different ways reprehensible) Mocha Uson. Case in point:


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There are no two ways about it: This is a seated government official who at least five times tweeted about rape. Specifically, her tweets make light of male rape, a real issue that deserves more grave recognition and attention than what these off-color jokes afford. Uson tweeted these long ago—back when it was easier to get away with saying this type of stuff—but the permanence of the Internet has kept them a search away. 

It brings to mind the recent case of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who was fired by Disney for his off-color tweets from nearly a decade ago, about pedophilia and rape. Like Gunn, Uson once had a more provocative public image, and like Gunn, she crossed the line several times back when social media wasn't what it is today. Unfortunately for both of them, regardless of who they are today, the Internet remembers who they once were. (In this case, the old tweets were dug up and reposted on a Reddit thread.)


Unlike Gunn, however, Uson will likely survive this uproar unscathed—as she has many times over.

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