4 Tips to to Make the Baggy Clothes Trend Look Good on You, Too

It's making a comeback.

Men’s wear has always been loose. Think Fred Astaire jumping high in loose trousers during the Roaring ‘20s or the wide lapels, spread collars, and roomy suits that welcomed men returning from the war in the ‘40s. Today, after decades spent under the spell of skinny jeans, skinny suits, and skinny T-shirts, that slouchy look is making a comeback (and it’s less boxy and not super-sized). These voluminous blazers, shirts, and tees and baggy pants look new and feel fresh again. Here’s how to wear them.

Welcome the wider leg

New suit styles are experimenting with looser trouser leg (goodbye sweaty ankles). But what this is not is a revival of Backstreet Boys-style pants with dropped crotches and overlong legs that pool over your shoes. Go wide—but not crazy.


Look for a trim waist

In other words, loose does not mean wearing pants that are three sizes too large. Baggy pants should still fit your waist. This keeps the overall proportions look right and also makes your belly appear trimmer. Who doesn’t want that?


Keep it loose up top

Quick tip: One secret to pulling off the relaxed fit is to keep whatever you’re wearing above loose and soft.


Consider grandpa styling

Think Nick Wooster. Wear pants high on your waist with a roomy tucked-in T-shirt for maximum effect (this gives the illusion of a wider chest). Then, because we’re letting loose in every sense of the word, pair trousers with independent sneakers. Keep it current by mixing old and new.

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