5 Style Lessons We Can All Learn From Queer Eye's Fab Five

Is there anything they can't teach us?
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Netflix's smash hit reboot Queer Eye has made superstars of its Fab Five—the hit squad of homosexuals sent forth in each episode to teach us how to be happier, healthier men (with far better hair). 

As well as having skills in cooking, interior decoration, and being true to yourself, the boys are also all snappy dressers—and not just Tan, the official fashion expert of the group. 

Read on for five key style lessons from the best reality TV show of the year.

1| Cultural reference T-shirts can be cool
Antoni Porowski, the Fab Five's resident Disney prince, has been applauded for far more than his culinary skills and having a jawline that could cut glass. The 34-year-old also hooked Twitter with a cool take on cultural references. 

We refer you to his A Little Life T-shirt—a piece of clothing that commemorated Hanya Yanagihara's sobathon novel without looking like merchandise from a fresher's fair.     

Know that such T-shirts needn't be of the sci-fi kind. Nor do they have to pack a political uppercut. Like Porowski, you can commemorate a revered piece of pop culture in a minimalist, stylish way. Just stick to a neutral design, and a font that isn't Comic Sans MS. 


Basquiat 'Downtown 81' Long Sleeved T-Shirt by Ted's Draws


2| Long hair shouldn't make you look like a trustafarian
For years, men have been told that cropped, close cuts are the sharpest. And there's some truth in that. However, an appetite for longer hair will always exist and there are ways of sporting a proper mane without heading into hippy gap-yah waters. 

Take Queer Eye's grooming expert, Jonathan Van Ness. As the owner of flowing, glorious locks (see the wind machine-assisted Queer Eye opening for further details), the former cheerleader has tended to his blessed follicles with the same rigorous regime he preaches on the show. 

Thinking of taking your hair southwards too? Follow Van Ness's lead and maintain, maintain, maintain. Identify your hair type—be it dry, oily, fine, whatever—and choose product as appropriate. It makes sense to give your beard the same TLC, too. 

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3| Texture is your best friend
Tan France is Queer Eye's lead on all things style-related. Still, in addition to the smart-casual masterclasses he drops every episode, the Doncaster-born stylist is a champion of texture. 

We mean texture of the sort that'll lift a look from mediocre to memorable without making risky statements or adopting a vibrant palette. Like Tan, you should limit your texture to one piece in a classic shape, and anchor with staples elsewhere. Sherpa, corduroy, and suede are three wearable fabrics that'll add risk-free depth with ease. 


Brunello Cucinello Suede Bomber Jacket at Mr Porter


4| All-black is one of the strongest palettes you can wield
It's no shock that an impeccable interior designer wallpapers an outfit just as well, and Queer Eye's DIY buff Bobby Berk has hammered home the strengths of the oldest move in the book: head-to-toe monochrome. 

While the Bed Bath & Beyond alum is a master of the primary-hued feature wall, Berk exercises restraint with his wardrobe. Clever: Especially when blocks of black reduce shadow and thus cut a flattering silhouette. 

The only rule is to ensure your shades match up. Washed out blacks can quickly downgrade a look, as can a disjointed brown shoe or belt. 


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5| Dress for the build you have
Karamo Brown is the ultimate all-rounder. He's bright! He's articulate! He miraculously improves self-confidence through the medium of boxing! But just as impressive as all that, the 37-year-old knows how to dress to flatter his build.  

Brown is broader than his fellow Queer Eye presenters and has a shape that was no doubt hard won in the gym. The key is to capitalize on it. A series of well-selected staples complement Brown's wider shoulders and a smaller waist: polo shirts that skim as opposed to strangle, extra layers up-top that add bulk, and room in the shoulders to accommodate the muscle. 


Z Zegna Techmerino Polo Shirt at Mr Porter

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