BTS Fashion: How The Korean Super Band Conquered the World in Style

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Consider the fashion of BTS, the seven-piece supergroup from Korea that, for two weeks now, has crowned Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with “Dynamite.” This is an amazing feat as not all acts have reached the top of the music chart, much less a foreign artist from halfway around the world.

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The group has been on a roll lately, smashing the 24-hour view record on YouTube (also for “Dynamite”) and drumming up interest for the upcoming IPO of its company Big Hit (the boys are set to become multi-millionaires).

But we’re here to talk about the clothes. An important part of BTS’s success is presentation. The appeal of their earworm music, electrifying dance moves, and underlying message of acceptance is amplified tenfold with the help of stunning visuals. You need only look at their videos and live performances to know this.

Of course, an argument can be made that a retinue of stylists shapes the slick looks, but you can also observe how the identities of RM, Jin, V, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope shine through in whatever they wear, whether they're suits for the Grammys or incognito outfits for the very important catwalk of an airport. As well, the band is known to not accept designer sponsorships, so you know the members put on what they want.


Just ask their fans, called the Army, who report all the things they wear, from the hat on J-Hope’s head to the rings on V’s fingers, on numerous BTS fashion accounts on Instagram. With help from their fateful style coverage plus guidance from our top-secret BTS Expert, we analyze the magic of the group’s style.

Here are the fashion profiles of the members of BTS


The Look: soft, easy layers  

The Pieces: the cardigan, the robe, the hat

The Brands: Visvim, Fear of God, Readymade

RM favors soft and easy: cardigans, kimono-style robes, things that flow, and the occasional pair of shorts. Favoring comfort is not anymore a crime, especially when it is a function of, well, being comfortable in your skin—as in, RM doesn’t have to try so hard to create an impression. He looks just as good in a baby blue cardigan over a T-shirt as he does in a kitted-out suit. The lesson here is layering. The BTS leader, the most stylish of the bunch, as voted by the members, has been spotted swaddled in a driving coat from Japanese label Visvim, and it looks good on him.

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The Look: offbeat cool 

The Pieces: the knit sweater, the beret

The Brands: Gucci, Burberry, Cartier

The offbeat V, who is sometimes referred to as alien with a 4D personality, is well suited for the imaginings of someone like Alessandro Michele, the artistic director of Gucci. He prefers a sort of kooky vintage look, which is hard to pull off but it works on him. Exhibit A: How about a heavily embroidered corduroy jacket for a performance at the American Music Awards? Our unnamed advisor observes how V seldom wear jeans, too, preferring instead the recent movement toward looser pants. The baritone vocalist also has a penchant for headwear, jaunty berets especially, and a pink gold Tank Louis Cartier watch. It all just works.


The Look: bold and bright

The Pieces: the sweatshirt, the jacket

The Brands: Raf Simons, Off-White, Supreme 


It’s only fitting that J-Hope prefers clothes drenched in loud colors and bold patterns. The rapper is unapologetic in his desire to bring joy, and he expresses this well in what he wears. A multi-striped sweater from Dior’s collab with Shawn Stussy or a paisley-print trench coat by Readymade (worn with shorts and sunglasses) matches his big personality. Good to know, he’s into very expensive watches, too, such as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (actually, all the boys have luxury tickers).


The Look: easy and uncomplicated

The Pieces: the chunky boots, the T-shirt

The Brands: Prada, Nike, Fila

The youngest member of the group has a more carefree approach to fashion. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Fashion doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can go with the flow. You can wear an absurdly large backpack always (he has a lot of camera equipment, okay) and become a meme. You can slowly evolve your style and build a chunky shoe collection, a good start. One more thing: Fans know when Jungkook makes an effort to dress up—he tucks in his shirt.


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The Look: chic and put-together

The Pieces: the coat, the sunglasses

The Brands: Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel

Our tipster says that Jimin is careful of how he looks, which for his line of work as a public figure, is a responsible endeavor. Wouldn’t it be a treat to see your favorite BTS member looking good all the time? A perfectly executed double denim look (with a turtleneck, sunglasses, and boots) comes to mind. These days, you can find Jimin wearing a lot of Chanel. Mind you, the chicest of the Paris fashion houses seldom makes clothes for men, so what we’re seeing here is something special.


The Look: clean and classic 

The Piece: the oversized pullover

The Brands: Thom Browne, Givenchy, Rolex 

The oldest member of BTS is unafraid to declare that he is “Mr. Worldwide Handsome,” a nickname he came up with and occasionally drops during interviews. With a face like his, there’s no need for too much adornment. You’ll often see him in an uncomplicated—but oversized—pullover paired with jeans or a shirt neatly tucked into trousers. Also, his style quirk, according to our insider, is not removing the tags of his clothing.



The Look: no-nonsense favorites

The Pieces: the T-shirt, the bucket hat

The Brands: Dior, Fear of God, Mastermind

There is this Fear of God logo T-shirt that Suga likes to wear always, and the takeaway from this tidbit is that stars are just like us. They repeat clothes. Suga has a practical approach to fashion, choosing subdued colors like reliable black. Having said that, the rapper is also known to favor plaid. Point is, once he likes something, he buys several of the style and wears them to death. But the difference between Suga and mortals is that his favorites are from designer labels.

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