How I Dress Now: Director Gino M. Santos Is All About Relaxed Style

As someone constantly on-the-go, film director Gino M. Santos has really no other option but to live in casual and relaxed clothing. When it's time to suit up, however, he doesn't disappoint. We caught up with the film director to talk about his personal style, wardrobe essentials, and his love for layering.

His style is relaxed.

"My work requires me to be relaxed. I love wearing jeans. That's my go-to, especially the ones from Uniqlo. I really like comfort when it comes to style. Sometimes, when I go to a presentation, I have to look decent but, even when I dress formal, I still try to be relaxed. I guess being relaxed makes my whole style."

That's not to say he doesn't mix it up.

"I was really skinny when I was a child and pants wouldn't fit me. So, my mom always put me in suspenders. I hated it. But recently, I wore a pair in Japan. I play around with different styles, too. I mix and match suits and cardigans."


He'd take fashion advice from Henry Cavill and John Mayer.

"I always look at Henry Cavill's Instagram. I check out what he wears during premieres, and he loves wearing double-breasted suits. I also like John Mayer. He wears something really comfortable. And he just has his I-don't-give-a-damn-attitude. Sometimes, he even takes it to the airport by wearing pajamas."

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His go-to is a cool jacket.

"As a kid, I was always wearing jackets—even in the peak of summer. If I don't have anything to wear, I put a jacket on. Usually, I wear a black shirt and just to elevate it, change the style, I wear certain kinds of jackets. From leather and cardigans to a coat jacket, anything to pair with a black shirt."

Blazers, especially.

"I tend to experiment with different types of blazers. I can go from prints like stripes to bold colors. It's fun as long as it's balanced and not too loud—just as an accent piece. You can stand out but still blend in. Remember when the Jonas Brothers and Topman were the trends? The slim-fit blazers. Now, it's more of the relaxed that's very '80s. I never let go of my suits because it all comes back."

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He knows the importance of a tailored pair of pants.

"I see a lot of actors and celebrities and now, their pants are very loose. I cringe whenever I see a photo of a celebrity and his pants are folded with multiple folds. You have a beautiful suit, three-piece suit, but the pants aren't tailored... even with beautiful shoes, it just doesn't work."

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He believes that dressing well affects how people see you.

"First impressions last, and we get judged by the way we look. If you want people to perceive you the way you want them to, dressing is one way. I guess it all depends on how you want to perceive yourself to other people. It really reflects on the way you look and, of course, the way you feel."

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