Yet Another Embarrassingly Simple Hack for Keeping Your White Sneakers White

Besides not buying them.

The problem with white sneakers is that they don't stay that way for long. White, we mean. Not sneakers. They'll always be sneakers.

Anyway: there's a 'proper' way to maintain that box fresh gleam, and it involves soapy water, protective sprays and both a hard and a soft brush. For the record, we wholeheartedly endorse this approach, in the same way we wholeheartedly endorse following a rigorous, carefully planned exercise regime and only ever eating fresh fish and vegetablesthat is to say, with the caveat that we know it won't always happen.

For the rest of the time, what you really need to keep your white trainers white is a shortcuta 'hack', in Internet speakand we have just the one, providing your kicks are leather.

Baby wipes.

Yupthose moist towelettes used to remove makeup, give your body a 'wash' at music festivals and something else we think has to do with babies. Those things.


Keep a pack next to wherever you kick off your shoes every evening, and give each trainer a loving stroke before you put them awaythey're perfect for lifting superficial stains and maintaining the shine of your shoe.

Trainer brands, of course, have developed their own wipes for this purpose, but they're more expensive and trickier to acquire: a family-size pack of bog standard baby wipes will do the job just as well.

Just make sure you do a 'proper clean' every once and while for those deeper stains, and you'll glide through summer like a glistening white steed. Imagine that. Imagine.

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