Here's what women really think about what you wear down there

Yes, your shoes reveal something about you before you even speak.
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Gelli Victor, event host: I never used to care for what men had on… until I came across men who were very well put together. I realized that it does speak volumes. If they put much thought on something that goes on their feet, how much more in other aspects of their lives? It’s not vanity. It’s respect and love for one’s self.

Pat Mendoza, marketing executive: More than personality, it shows how much care and importance a man puts into his appearance.

Steph Retuya, New York-based model: Shoes do say a lot about their personality because they would gravitate toward something that they know would suit their day-to-day personal style. But there is something irresistible about a man who can wear different kinds of shoes depending on the occasion.

May Bernad, wealth and wellness coach: I think they show taste and also how they take care of things.

Grace Raymundo, orthodontist: For me, I’ll have an idea what type of a man I’m talking to or doing business with by seeing if their shoes are worn out, dirty, or clean, whether its high-end shoes, sneakers, or plain sandals. It says a lot about their personality and how they will treat people. Men only have two accessories, watches and shoes. They should know how to take care of them [because] it would show that they can take care of more important things.


Karen Jimeno, DPWH undersecretary: I prefer classic style leather shoes on men in black and dark brown because they make men look presentable and elegant whether they’re at the office or an evening event. I often like the designs of Gucci, Ferragamo, and Bally. For more casual occasions, I like Gucci shoes with rubber soles or the Cole Haan Nike Air series. They seem very comfortable without making men look sloppy.


Gelli: Since I am into fitness, I have always loved athletic footwear on men. It conveys that they have an active lifestyle, too. Sneakers and athleisure footwear are hot right now. I am partial to Adidas—Yeezys, NMDs, Ultraboosts, Yamamoto Y3s. I love the Gucci sneakers, too. But for formal occasions, please, for the love of God, have well polished leather shoes on.

Pat: For my dad or boyfriend or husband, if he prefers it simple, comfortable, and no fuss, I really don’t mind as long as he’s happy with it. I’m not particular with brands as long as it’s good quality, comfortable, and does its job.

Steph: I see a lot of guys who go crazy for sneakers and that’s great but I love seeing them use brogues and loafers with confidence, too. It has the same effect as when women use heels.

May: Monk straps, oxfords, and leather shoes, in general, say he cares about how he presents himself. I’m not particular about brand. It’s more about quality and how it looks on them.

Grace: Ferragamo loafers, which my husband wears. It always makes him look polished. It’s simple yet classy. The design is not too flashy. You know it’s a high-end brand yet it’s not over-the-top.


Karen: Unless a man is going to the gym, I don’t like seeing bright colored sneakers as part of an attire like jeans and a shirt. I also don’t like highly textured leather shoes like crocodile or snakeskin or shoes with a lot of bling. They make men look tacky or like DOMs.

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Gelli: I am not a fan of tassels on men’s footwear. It makes them less manly. And I dislike Crocs on men. No explanations needed for the latter.

Pat: Anything dirty and unkempt. And anything “basic” like those Valentino Rockstuds for ladies, if you know what I mean. His doesn’t have to be trendy at all!

Steph: I think a lot of people would agree that Crocs are the devil for both men and women. They have really good style nowadays, but I guess the clogs style needs to be left for the kitchen or the hospital?

May: Well, Crocs even if they are masquerading as loafers.

Grace: Crocs with socks. Not unless you’re under three years old? Please, no! It doesn’t look cute! Not like when kids wear them. If you’re going to wear them, it’s like you’re asking us to treat you like a kid.

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