You Don't Need Shoes Anymore. You Need Comfy Cloud Slippers

IMAGE Sapatero Manila

We can’t remember the last time we wore real shoes (the kind that needs shining and requires laces to fasten them onto our hooves) and we might as well accept that the age of dressing well for work is a fading memory. Now that we’re living in a reality where the workplace is a state of mind rather than a physical location, we are shifting our dress codes. 

Photo by Sapatero Manila.

To consider: Filipino shoemaker Sapatero Manila has just reopened its Ortigas shop, and its first offering for the new world order are suede foot clouds with thick soles and comfy insides—perfect for your WFH situation. 

The backless slip-ons, officially called lounge slippers, come with a built-in cushion and napa leather lining (soft and bouncy) for tired feet that scuffle from kitchen to bed many times a day. They’re also topped with tassels because, though your daily wear leans ultra-casual, you still have requirements about style.


Photo by Sapatero Manila.

Photo by Sapatero Manila.

Let it not be said that you’ve turned down the style dial just because your desk is your bed and your assistant is your Labrador.

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