The New Crop of Stylish Men to Watch Out For in 2019

These well-dressed men from Manila march to the beat of their own drum.
IMAGE courtesy of Jason Motinola/ Instagram/ @sme999

As the year comes to an end, we round up a new crop of stylish men who’ve made a significant impression with their individual takes on personal taste and dressing.

While it’s certainly easy to put together a look, these men have gone beyond that. Unfazed by the always-changing currents of fashion, they march to the beat of their own drum and dress according to their own sensibilities.

In 2019, keep your eyes on the following.

Kousuke Suda

Kousuke—who moved to Manila from Yokohama, Japan for English lessons—is a saxophone player who takes cues from the Ivy style of the late 1950s and '60s. He looks up to jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Chet Baker, as well as Old Hollywood legends such as Cary Grant and Paul Newman. Tailor Caid, the Japanese tailoring house by Yuhei Yamomoto (a fan of jazz-era Ivy style himself), is a favorite because of its Ivy-American cuts. @kousukesuda


Kevin Clark Tan

Here's a modern gentlemen who has no problem wearing a suit and tie every day. Kevin learned the intricacies of dressing for business from his father and now prefers a style informed by two things: what he sees in the people he admires (Ethan Newton, Mark Cho, Simon Cromoton) and what he finds aesthetically pleasing and functional. He favors the works of Sartoria Dalcuore, Saint Crispin’s, Ambrosi Napoli, Bryceland’s, and Drake’s. @sme999

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Jason Montinola

IMAGE: courtesy of Jason Montinola

Often seen in beat-up multi-pocketed Sassafrass Fall Leaf pants, a Real McCoys cap, and a full beard, Jason leans toward a rugged style. The nature of his work as a painter dabbling with palettes and brushes requires a grit not found in more genteel garments, so the artist wears replicas of vintage workwear pieces. Jason also feels at home in a T-shirt and a pair of selvedge denim jeans. @jasonmontinola


Raymond Salazar

A dental clinic is the last place you’d expect to find a well-dressed man, but Dr. Salazar surprises with a style that is at appropriate but never boring: See the pair of Visvim moccasins or patchwork jeans underneath his lab coat. He looks to John Mayer, Daiki Suzuki, and Jian De Leon as style inspirations and plays around with pieces from Engineered Garments, Nanamica, and Beams Plus, among others. @rayraymundodmd


Sam Reyes

Sam is a Pampanga-based architect and contractor, who also collects and restores vintage muscle cars and motorcycles. Because of his job, his style shifts between clean-cut Ivy staples for client meetings and vintage workwear reproductions for site visits. American stalwarts Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers compose most of his prep essentials, while names like Warehouse and The Real McCoys take care of rougher needs. @3samreyes


Bermon Magat

IMAGE: courtesy of Bermon Magat

This apprentice at a local tailoring house is one of the few young'uns who has taken an interest in the steady craft of making clothes. Aside from menswear, Bermon's style is influenced by football culture (his other passion), 20th-century Euro-country wear, and military uniforms—a mix that results in a sensibility uniquely his own. He relies on clothesmakers Liverano & Liverano and Cifonelli for tailored pieces and Paraboot and Warehouse for casual options. @s.bermon


Javi Campos

IMAGE: courtesy of Javi Campos

Currently the youth and sports programs coordinator of the 2nd Congressional District of Davao City, Javi comes across as a man who appreciates simple, tasteful dressing. He prefers a put-together look with pieces reflective of the preppy style. Javi picked this up from his parents and personal style icons such as John F. Kennedy, Sean Connery, and Harrison Ford. Some of his favorites include prep cult classic Ralph Lauren, Rowing Blazers, Façonnable, and Saturdays Surf NYC. @campsthethird


Jayson Ebido

You have Jayson to thank for the well-curated merchandising and the in-house tailoring service of Signet. For the latter, his detail-oriented eye identifies the adjustments a garment needs so that it will fit a client perfectly. In contrast to the meticulous nature of his work, Jayson's personal style is much more relaxed. A Saint James Breton tee or a linen shirt paired with his beat-up Flat Head jeans and Doek sneakers make up his no-fail, go-to uniform. @jaysonebido


Anton Punzalan

IMAGE: courtesy of Anton Punzalan

The man behind Guppy—the resort lifestyle brand that started out as a college passion project and has grown into a full-blown business—has a personal style that can be described as progressive and unconventional. Think traditional workwear pieces interspersed with an unexpected kimono jacket or a sport coat thrown over a terry polo. Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim is an icon he looks up to, while Japanese labels like Kapital and Nepenthes are key players in his closet. @arcpunzalan


Toch Barreiro

Toch, who works with labels such as Comme des Garçons, Y-3, and Off-White for H&F, has a style that is informed by a curious mish-mash of inspirations. The digital illustrator surrounds himself with art (Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hiroshi Nagai), film (Under The Silver Lake, Late Autumn), and music (King Krule’s “Biscuit Town,” Tyler The Creator’s “After The Storm”), and wears Japanese brands Human Made, Neighborhood, and Sacai. @tochbarreiro


Rob Samson

Rob works as a technical instructor at an aeronautics school, as well as manages operations for local brands The Artisan and Sometimes Social. In his free time, he likes to restore and modify vintage motorcycles—a hobby related to his love of old military garments. Shaking up the military and workwear genres, Rob's personal style sees pieces from Buzz Rickson’s and Nigel Cabourn paired with garments from APC and Thom Browne. @robvsam


Matt San Pedro

IMAGE: courtesy of Matt San Pedro

The young entreprenuer co-founded two ventures: Transit, a retail-oriented design resource where he operates as its creative lead, and Tetsuo, a Katipunan-based East Asian food concept. Well-designed and comfortable utilitarian pieces make up most of his wardrobe. He's also a fan of Visvim's Hiroki Nakamura as well as Noah, Arpenteur, Paloma Wool, and Evan Kinori. @mattsanpedro

How to Dress Well for Men

In the do-what-you-want and nothing-is-wrong era of style, the definition of the well-dressed man is in constant flux. Just take a look at the group of men above. There is not one well-dressed style to follow with each subscribing to his own notion of what looks (and feels) good. Suits, patchwork jeans, vintage workwear, kimono jackets—all these elements can make a stylish man. Just find what you love and wear it to death.

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