Uniqlo’s Next Big Collab Will Have You Cursing Our Tropical Climate

The Japanese fast fashion label really knows how to pick its dance partners.
IMAGE Uniqlo

How many sweaters, jackets, coats, and 22-ounce denim jeans have you ogled longingly at a store, only to ultimately talk yourself out of purchase because you knew you’d sweat buckets if you wore them in the Philippines? A lot, no doubt, if you happen to share our passion for sweaters, jackets, coats, and 22-ounce denim jeans. But because thick fabrics and multiple layers don’t really cut it here, such will always be our fate—we’re doomed to the two-layer policy of a totalitarian tropical climate.

Which is why it was painful to see Uniqlo’s upcoming collaboration with London-based label J.W. Anderson: The collection is glorious, but the best parts of it will be difficult to wear in warmer weather. We’re talking classic trench coats, beautiful fair isle sweaters, quilted field jackets, flannel shirts, scarves, and a lot of other great pieces. The fabrics are also among the collection’s highlights: wools, tweeds, tartans, and merino knits for the most part, in a lively selection of colors and patterns.


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And because this still is Uniqlo, everything is quite affordable, too. The prices top out at just under US$150 for the trench coat, which, when you look at it, is a great deal.

Of course, the collection does have a lot of pretty solid articles that are wearable here: graphic T-shirts, oxford cotton button-downs, and work pants; as well as a line of backpacks and tote bags. The striped tees in particular seem like they would be the most popular choice locally. But hey, when the sweaters and coats call out to you—and they probably will, when you see them in-store—it’ll be easy to tell yourself that you can save it for the cold confines of your office, or the mall.


The J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo collection drops on September 2017, and Uniqlo Philippines will be getting the whole collection.

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