How to Wear Uniqlo Without Looking Like Everyone Else
Safe is safe, but it doesn't have to be boring.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

Closet staples are workhorses that can be worn every day for different and various occasions. These are your shirts, pants, and shirts in strict shapes, clean styles, and neutral colors. And, yes, they can be a little safe in their uniformity, but that’s why they work. Here’s how to mix up your wardrobe essentials, so you don’t look like everyone else.

THE ESSENTIAL: The sport coat

THE REMIX: A dose of stripes

To go with this contemporary and unstructured (in all the right ways) sport coat is a dose of vertical lines. Stripes, which have always been a men’s wear staple, more so over the last few seasons, can be a bold addition or a subtle detail under your jacket. Have it your way with a classic striped crewneck T-shirt or a multi-colored striped shirt.


THE ESSENTIAL: The linen shirt

THE REMIX: Summer shorts


The light and cool linen shirt is perfect for summer. To amplify its refreshing feeling, pair it with shorts with prints of palm trees or geometric patterns. Don’t be afraid of bright colors. Go for a fun summer vibe.


THE ESSENTIAL: The work pants

THE REMIX: Checks!


These Kando pants are lightweight, stretchable, and sweat-proof, and that’s why men like them. Also, they’re versatile: They can anchor a casual look with a bomber jacket or complement a workplace uniform when punched up by a patterned sport coat. Look for checks, whose boldness reflect your confidence.

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