The 9 Best New Citrus Fragrances For Those Extra Humid Days

These bottles will have you smelling fresh and clean all day.

Bright, clean, and fresh are just some of the words that come into mind when you catch a whiff of a citrusy fragrance. The use of lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, or mandarin as notes add a much-needed crisp that makes it suitable for all-year wear.

As one of the oldest perfume groups, citrus is some sort of a middle ground when it comes to scents. It's not at all offensive—unless over-applied—and it's not too flat that it goes unnoticed. (The right one can even go from day to night.) Here, we've compiled the most recent releases of citrus fragrances for men.

1| Acqua di Parma Sakura


Floral fragrances for men are one of the biggest trends this year, and Acqua di Parma's Sakura hits that sweet spot between floral and citrus. Calabrian bergamot, yellow mandarin, pink pepper, cherry blossom, jasmine sambac, and musk all come together to make a scent that's intriguing as it is inviting. While most unisex florals fail at keeping sweeter notes at bay, it's the Sakura's strategic use of musk that balances the cherry blossom. 


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2| Atelier des Ors Pomelo Riviera


Inspired by the Cote d'Azur, Pomelo Riviera is a summer day in a bottle. It uses refreshing notes of bergamot and orange blossom for a different take on citrus, and is balanced with jasmine and rose for a greener and more floral scent. Don't dismiss it as just another citrusy floral, however, since salt and cedar finish it all off.

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3| Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Limited Edition

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Orange Sanguine technically isn't a new release. The Atelier Cologne classic has been repackaged to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, but inside, it's still a true orange. With each spritz, you get a citrus explosion thanks to its top notes of blood orange and bitter orange; middle notes of jasmine and geranium; base notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, and amber.

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4| Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime


Don't let the fuschia dissuade you. The latest release from Atelier Cologne, Pacific Lime, is as green as it gets. Inspired by the Pacific Coast, it's a bright lime and coconut fragrance that uses lime from Mexico, lemon from Italy, coconut from the Philippines, spearmint from America, and eucalyptus from China. Pick up a bottle if you like your citrus mixed with amber and woody notes.

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5| Byredo Sundazed

Photo by BYREDO.

Byredo is all about naked perfumes, the ones that aren't at all overpowering. Sundazed follows the brand's philosophy through a mix of lemon, mandarin, neroli, jasmine sambac, musk, and an unexpected use of cotton candy. At times, Sundazed seems more of a woman's scent, but as it dries down, you get something that smells like skin in the summer.


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6| Givenchy Eau de Givenchy


If citrus perfumes have anything in common, it's that most were heavily inspired by European seaside escapes. Givenchy's Eau de Givenchy, for instance, takes inspiration from the south of France. Eau de Givenchy was created in collaboration with Francois Demachy as a modern interpretation of a classic. It has notes of orange blossom, sea breeze, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, orange, musk, and different kinds of wood. At its core, it's a true neroli that is amazingly well-balanced.


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7| Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

Created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Louis Vuitton's Afternoon Swim is exactly what the name connotes: a scent that's full of energy. And with orange, bergamot, and mandarin, it's a pleasant and modern citrus that's a lot sweeter than the typical citrus. "I wanted a shot of vitamin C in the fragrance, something full of energy," says Cavallier. 

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8| Maison Rebatchi Musc Panache

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Maison Rebatchi is a relatively new fragrance brand by Mohamed Rebatchi. Currently, its collection includes collaborations with perfumers Karine Chevallier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Maurice Roucel, Randa Hammami, and Alienor Massenet. Musc Panache, created by Maurice Roucel, is its first citrus. And with it, the brand offers a fresh and simplified take on citruses. It features musk and different kinds of citruses that impart a musky, citrusy, and fresh fragrance with the added punch of spiciness. The smooth cologne is a balanced composition that starts out fresh and eventually makes its woody frame known.


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9| Parfums Berdoues Capri

Photo by Parfums Berdoues.

Parfums Berdoues' Capri is the Mediterranean destination in a bottle. It features bergamot from Italy, orange from Brazil, and cedar from the United States to bring a citrus fragrance that is reminiscent of the scent of the island's different scents. The citruses bring in the sun while the vines and olive trees are brought in by the cedar. With that said, it's clear this is a scent perfect for linen get-ups that scream Italian summer.


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