The Right Product to Use for Every Kind of Hairstyle

Gel? Pomade? Mousse? Here's how to get a hold on your mop.

In recent years, men’s grooming products around the world saw a 300% spike in consumption, and most of it is due to hair care. This speaks volumes of how we men tend to care of our own crowns, not the way our mane man Samson used to. Let’s face it we spend much of our groom time perfecting that side part, raised coif, or those hand-tousled locks. However, with so many products out in the aisle, it’s easy to grab one that our hair doesn’t really need. So, to keep our investments in the wise, consider this handy guide in grabbing the best products for our hair style.


How many of us have opted for short hair thinking that it requires the most minimal work, but ended up shedding extra minutes in keeping it neatly styled? The short hair trap not only means more frequent visits to the barber, but also getting the optimum product designed to keep everything in order without having all the gunk in your face by day-end.


Blame it on the hipsteric desire for authenticity, our granddad’s grooming tool of choice has decided to make a popular comeback. The pomade gives hair a greasy, shiny look, due to its (possible) beeswax constitution, that is best employed when perfecting that comb-back pompadour. Just remember to use a lot less liberally, to keep the slick in the hair and not on the forehead. It gives a medium to high hold when applied to damp hair.


Try: Bayolea Hair Pomade by Penhaligon’s



Though closely resembling your tub of pomade, hair clay come with a matte finish, so it is better used when aiming for a more natural, rugged hairstyle. When channeling more volume and distinction to your cut, apply clay in dry hair and style with your fingers, but remember to concentrate on the hair tips and not on the roots as clay can clog your scalp pores resulting to hair loss and can be a bane to wash off.

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Try: Bench Fix Clay Doh Molding Clay



For the control freaks out there who wouldn’t want their hair out of place, the high school product of choice is still your best friend. Gels provide that maximum hold and shine that is perfect in keeping that Mohawk sharp round the clock; just remember that gels can also preserve those nasty comb marks for posterity. It’s a good thing that modern science has started rolling out lighter, water-based gels that won’t take a toll on your hair health. Apply to damp, towel-dried hair and style accordingly.

Try: L'Oreal Studio Mineral Control Invisi'Gel Extra Strength



Blame it on past season’s minimalist trends, we’re seeing less of bangs and more of side-fades. But for those who bravely chose to swing the opposite end of the pendulum, you may be cherishing your wavy locks and the distinction that comes with it, in full measure. But, let’s face it, the heat and the humidity our beautiful tropical country is blessed with can be hell for a full head of hair. So, it is best to keep everything in check with these potent fixes.



As its name implies, hair fiber offers net-like support with high hold for your hair while retaining a matte, natural look. It further emphasizes the texture your barber left you on your last haircut, giving your mullet a more rolled out of bed edge. It should, however, be applied to clean and dry hair, as fiber, tricky as it is, can help trap more oil and dirt in your hair. Just remember to use a small amount, rubbed in your palms, and applied to your tips.

Try: Bruno Lab Hairstyling Fiber (Matte and Medium Hold)



If you want a cure-all for your hair styling woes, then a tub of hair paste is your versatility buddy. When applied to wet hair, it provides a medium hold with a matte finish. When worn on dry hair, elevates your hair texture while adding a bit of shine. But for maximum effect, for medium hair, use a blow dryer after application for a more effortless look, but a more durable hold.

Try: Fellow Barber Texture Paste



How many times have you had that “this isn’t the ‘90s” look and you just want to break into Weedd’s “Long Hair” song? Sadly, our ‘alternativity’ has caused us to hide in our man buns, reducing our counterculture hair to one of a more acceptable craze. But it’s about time to let loose our lion mane and embrace our inner rock and roll god, as some ingenious lotions and potions guarantee to give our long locks more masculine body.

Sea Salt Spray

The tide is high, even on the city, with just a few spritz of sea salt spray. It gives a natural, dry, and textured finish to your hair, akin to surfer’s hair after spending a day out in the shore. It absorbs grease and oil, leaving your long locks eternally clean and matte, and its moderate hold makes it perfect to maintain that disheveled, blowout look you and girl have been yearning for.


Try: Toni & Guy Casual Texturizing Sea Salt Spray



On the opposite side of the spectrum, the mousse gives a more synthetic control to your long hair, giving it pumped up volume and shine. If your hair is limp and lifeless, this is probably the way to go, after a blow-dry session, apply a palm-sized amount in your hair to enhance texture and to keep to a preferred shape. Mousse is lightweight, so it shouldn’t weigh in your hair, of course, when used sparingly. And it just gives leaves enough glam rock vibe to last you through the night.

Try: Phyto Volume Intense Mousse



If you prefer a healthier look, go for the moisture hair creams add. It not only enhance the health of the hair, it also gives it unrestricted movement. Its lightweight hold keeps everything in place without looking stiff, and styling your hair ends up looking effortless. However, when opting for more texture, this isn’t the way to go. However, if you want a firmer hold, consider putting it under the blow-drier after styling.


Try: Baxter of California Grooming Cream

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