This Portable Teeth Whitening Product Plugs into Your Phone

It's perfect for lazy or phone-obsessed people who don't have time to make a whitening appointment.

You’ve probably never paid attention to the brightness of your teeth before. But, if you’re like us, then you may have become conscious of it every so often when the topic of teeth whitening pops up. If you’ve considered the prospect of improving your pearly whites but are also pretty lax in taking the next step, we’ve found the perfect solution for you.

Enter, My Smile, a recently launched teeth whitening product by two Filipinos. If definitely isn't one of those hard-to-use teeth whitening contraptions that require too much thinking or multilevel marketing scams. The duo behind My Smile, Chiara Echiverri and Janina Manipol, did a lot of research before finalizing the product specs. It hits all bases that Filipinos look for. Here’s why you should give it a go:

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Teeth whitening at home saves time and effort.

Currently, many Filipinos undergo intensive treatments at dental clinics to get their teeth shining shimmering, and you’ll most probably need to get it done more than once. Plus, there’s the hassle of getting up, heading out the door, and braving the traffic just to get your teeth whitened—not music to the ears especially if you’re a low-maintenance person. 


In practical terms, this also saves a lot of money. 

The aforementioned whitening treatments, according to co-founder Echiverri, can easily cost upwards of P15,000. For those who don’t want to break the bank just to achieve a whiter smile, teeth whitening treatments are ideal. User-friendly home treatments only cost a fraction of regular treatments, so you could use the money you saved on food and drinks, or whatever your heart desires.

One My Smile kit costs P3,500 and includes three whitening gel pens, a whitening tray that plugs into your phone, and a shade guide
Photo by MYSMILE.
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Think of it as an investment. 

Teeth whitening—especially in the comfort of your own home—is an investment in more ways than one. First, it’s good to take extra care of your teeth to prevent any problems in the long run. And, for those whose jobs involve a lot of socializing, it’s great to invest in treatments that allow you to confidently put your best foot forward.

Echiverri also shared that during the company’s R&D run, she discovered that Filipinos are very much interested in teeth whitening for the primary reason that this will boost their confidence. When your teeth are practically shinier than your future, how can you not have an extra bounce in your step?

Visit the official website here or follow My Smile on Facebook and Instagram

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