Skincare Stuff That Will Rescue Your Face Without the Fuss

This new skincare line for men makes cleansing, moisturizing, and shaving your face easier.
IMAGE The Body Shop

How far would you go to look like you don't care about your face? 

Do you slink into a shop under the guise of getting grooming products as a gift? And when a well-meaning store associate tries to help you figure out what kind of lotion, milk, or cream is best for your face, do you scurry away like a roach... with bad skin?

“Oh no! It’s not for me!” you say. “This thing is for my wife. She has problems.”

Hey, shopping for the things that will prevent your face from looking like an old leather shoe should never be a problem. To help the (fragile) part of you that feels unecessarily wary about showing that you care, here is a new grooming set that has been made for the manliest of men. 

This one is from The Body Shop, which, with its natural approach to skincare (as in plants!), is as gender neutral as they come. It already has a few products for men, but this is the very first time it has created a complete skincare range of six products, from washing to shaving to moisturizing, that are fuss-free, fool-proof, and, oh yeah, capable of saving your face. 

Here are the three that we, as your personal grooming lab rats, tested and liked. 

Maca Root and Aloe Softening Shaving Cream

Maca root from Peru prevents irritation and redness. IMAGE: The Body Shop

Took this tub on a long-haul trip, and what we liked is that it is more balm than cream. That means more solid. That means it won’t arrive at your destination like exploded soup. 

That also means, when used, it stays on (versus slides off) your whiskers better. The texture feels like an upgrade from canned shaving cream and, more important, the formulation readies even the wiriest hair for the blade well.

This should be swirled around a shaving bowl with a shaving brush, but we are savages that applied the cream directly to our hairy faces—and it still worked.

The maca root, the key ingredient here, prevents redness, and we’re happy to report we did not experience irritation in the times we used it. Smooth all the way. 

Guarana and Coffee Energizing Cleanser

Coffee from Ethiopia jolts skin back to life. IMAGE: The Body Shop

This one wins The One We Used Most Often only because washing your face is something you do at least twice a day. Right?

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We really can’t stress enough how the removal of oil, debris, and whatever gunk you have on your face can dramatically improve skin, and the light lather of this gel does the job with the gentle hand of a baby. That means it cleans throughly without stripping skin of moisture. Oh, there’s a scent, but you’ll get used to it.

The big question: Is coffee on the face like coffee for your body? Well, do you fall asleep after getting wet?  

Green Tea and Lemon Mattifying Moisturizer

Italian lemon keeps skin fresh and oil-free. IMAGE: The Body Shop

If your reasons for not bothering with moisturizer is because putting it on the face feels like wearing a filmy, greasy mask, then you, big baby, will have nothing more to complain about.

This gel cools as well as keeps face from looking like an oil spill. The bracing sensation surprises at first, but it’s a nice way to start the day. Go forth and be handsome without the shine.


More Face-Savings Sets

The Facial Fuel line from Kiehl's is packed with vitamins. IMAGE: Kiehl's

You might be most familiar with the dark blue bottles of Kiehl's Facial Fuel line. Its non-oily moisturizer is an essential. Not only does it, uh, re-fuel your face, it also wards off bad juju from the environment with the inclusion of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.  

Expect hi-tech targeted solutions from Max LS by Lab Series. IMAGE: Lab Series

High-tech solutions for anti-aging is the approach of Lab Series Max LS range. Our pick is the Skin Recharging Water Lotion, which is menspeak for toner. And no, we don’t want to have the toner debate again, because the step is important. The weightless lotion (has the consistency of water) balances skin, clears away dullness, and readies your face for the rest of your grooming program.

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