These Are The New Cool Haircuts To Try Right Now

Local barbershops are keeping the texture and curl for the rainy season.
IMAGE Instagram/ @kapwastudio/ @southerntownbarbershop

For many men, getting a haircut is a fuss-free way to avoid the nuisance of getting drenched in sweat, but with the days of summer behind, they now have room for creativity when it comes to styles. Why not switch things up for the cool season? Let these local barbers show you how. 

1. Keep It Tousled 

You don’t necessarily have to go high and tight for a groomed look, especially when you’ve got a bit of a wavy texture to your mane. If you’ve been growing out your hair, have it trimmed to medium length with a side sweep for an effortless feel. It’s a deliberately messy ‘do without looking unkempt. 

2. Play With Textures 

If you’ve been sticking to sleek pomps the first half of the year, switch it up and experiment with textures for a more easy-going look that doesn't go overboard.  

If you’ve got natural texture on your hair like a ’fro, even better. Wear a curly top framed by a mid-bald fade. 

3. Update The Faux Hawk 

Remember the faux hawk, the cut of choice for scene kids and wannabes in the 2000s? If you’re still rocking that cut well into a decade later, then it’s time for a serious talk about questionable life choices—and a modern update. This high fade modern quiff channels the angst of the aughts minus the tackiness. 

4. Try Something Retro 

Rockabilly cuts are in a league of their own. They’re undoubtedly old-school, yet effortlessly stylish even today. Take advantage of the cool weather and cop a typically longer hairstyle like this elephant trunk.   


If you’re not feeling the twirl, then pomp your mane up with a long trim pompadour for a real Elvis vibe. Like the greasers of their time, you’ll need to load up on the (hair) grease, but at least the pomade won’t be melting in the summer heat. 

5. Trust The Blade 

Normally we’re sticklers for the classics, but if you’re the type to break tradition and don’t mind checking in with your barber every few weeks, then rock some hair art. As it is with most risky undertakings, be sure you’re in the hands of a barber you trust. Let the pros show you how it’s done.

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