Why You Should Add Clarifying Shampoo to Your Grooming Arsenal

Especially if you use hair products on the daily.

From heat styling to different products and chemicals, it goes without saying that our hair goes through a lot. Even though it's impressively resilient, hair can only do so much to withstand all that it's subjected to. If you've been having a lot of bad hair days with an overall dull, lifeless appearance, then clarifying shampoo might just be what's missing from your routine.


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Before understanding what clarifying shampoo is, it's important to know what exactly dulls hair down. First of all, hair damage is pretty hard to avoid. And the products that we use aren't the only ones to blame. Case in point: Something as simple as hard water, or water full of different minerals, has the power to damage hair by making it brittle and prone to breakage. Other than this, pollutants are another major factor when it comes to damage.


Of course, the different oils, products, and even the shampoo and conditioner we use can leave some residue that turns into a film as time goes by. If that doesn't sound bad enough, this residue can build up and weigh hair down which is what bad hair days are made of. This is something frequent wax or pomade users can definitely relate to.

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Clarifying shampoo works to combat these and more. A good one removes residue caused by shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. What you get after is your hair at its best, freshly restored to be as glossy and shiny as it should be. But you ask, wouldn't clarifying shampoo cause product build-up in the long run too? Not exactly since it strips hair of almost everything including beneficial oils. Too much and you end up with dry hair which isn't what we're going for. That's why it's only used sporadically, say once or twice a week.

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It's not an entirely new thing. Swimmers have been known to use clarifying shampoos to get rid of all the chlorine their hair deals with. Since it's different from regular shampoo, experts suggest you leave it in longer like a conditioner. After, be sure to do a thorough rinse. If it doesn't lather as much the first time, it should be a sign to apply again. Follow with a conditioner since your hair will definitely need it.


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These days, it seems everyone and their father uses wax which are notorious for having several silicones and parabens. With that said, it pays to use a shampoo that gets rid of build-up as well as to protect against daily pollutants.

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