The Q Timex Falcon Eye Leans in on That '70s Vibe

it's just plain fun,

Turns out good things come in twos—at least when it comes to watches. Earlier this year, Timex brought out the first reissued iteration of the Q Timex, a diver-inspired watch with a red-and-blue bezel and a bit of a '70s vibe. To say it was a smash hit is something of an understatement. The watch—which made its debut right here at Esquire, by the way—sold out in less then 24 hours. Then it did it again. And again. It's still out of stock right now.


But don't despair. Because a new Q Timex, the Falcon Eye, has arrived. It leans in on the '70s vibe, with a two-tone treatment and a bright blue dial. It's a little less diver and a little more dressed up than its predecessor. In fact, it's a different beast (bird?) entirely. But it's still cool as hell.


The striated blue dial is finished with gold-tone details.


It's a whole vibe.

About those '70s design cues: They give this watch a distinctive feel. The combination of that striated blue dial and the gold details? Man, it's just plain fun, and a little funky, and it makes you think about throwing on a suit and maybe even a necklace or three and fully embracing the decade that first gave birth to the Falcon Eye. But I'm not saying you should be stuck in the past. Screw that. I'm saying you can bring all the best stuff about the '70s (the sense of glamour, the adventurous fashion) right into 2019, and leave the bad stuff (the sexism, way too much cocaine) where it belongs.

A functional battery hatch is one of the Falcon Eye’s many period-specific details.

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It nails the details.

Just like the OG Q Timex, the Falcon Eye takes pride in recreating period-specific details throughout the watch. That's why there's a domed acrylic crystal, a woven stainless steel bracelet, and even a functional battery hatch on the back. It's also the reason for the luminous dial-markers, and the reason those markers are gold. But, like I said, not everything about the '70s was perfect. The Falcon Eye ups the build quality, and brings 50 meters of water resistance into the mix, as well. So it’s even better the second time around.

The woven stainless steel bracelet closes with a branded, adjustable clasp.


It's boldly different.

Look around whatever room you're in right now, presuming there are a few people in it. (If not, maybe just take a scroll through Instagram.) Pay attention to the watches. You'll likely see a few divers, a few field watches. Maybe something really dressy. But you probably won't see anything quite like the Falcon Eye. The way I see it, that's a good thing. A watch that's made well and delivers a vibe—and that vibe is something completely unique and a lot of fun? If you believe that style is both a venue for self-expression and, at its best, a way to bring a little positivity into the world (I do), this is a watch you should have in your collection.


Prop styling by John Olso.

Photography by Timothy Mulcare.

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