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Who's the cutest, though?
The Voila app is the latest craze sweeping social media, with many people curious to find out what they would look like as a character in an animated Disney film.We already turned some of the country’s most prominent historical and current political figures ...
Work gets in the way of fatherhood for this dad, who recently also became a dad to a Pomeranian that he now wants to send back to its original owners.
Welcome to Esquire’s Journal Project. This month, we’re featuring the real lives of fathers, pops, busy dads, sexy zaddys, sugar daddies, and more. We’re asking all sorts of fathers to give their unfiltered accounts of what's it's like to lead a family ...
Not yet anyway.
Only four vaccines against the coronavirus have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) so far. The EMA is the agency responsible for the evaluation and supervision of medicinal products in the bloc. The four vaccines are: 1| Comirnaty (BioNTech, Pfizer)2| COVID-19 ...
Pushing boundaries once more.
Rarely are consumers aware of the agencies behind viral ads and campaigns. People see the brand, not the people who made it happen. But in the last few years, one agency has been standing out in the minds of netizens and consumers: ...
He will reportedly be flying to the US later this year.
Huge news: Park Seo Joon will reportedly star in the second installment of the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel film, titled The Marvels. Korean media outlet Star News broke the story, saying that the Itaewon Class actor received the offer and will be leaving to film in the United States later this year. ...
"I Diokno about you, but I'm feeling 2022."
Chel Diokno recently announced his plans for the 2022 elections, and it didn’t take long for Twitter users to get on board with his decision. Although he hasn’t announced yet what position he’ll run for, it’s clear he’s already got a large ...
Providing much-needed help for commuters.
If you’ve ever found yourself scraping the bottom of your piggy bank to get enough coins for bus or train fare, you’re probably not alone. Every day, hundreds, maybe even thousands of commuters find it difficult to make ends meet, and many ...
To help fix the justice system.
Human Rights lawyer Chel Diokno on Monday said he would run in the 2022 elections, saying that someone should voice out the concerns of the ordinary Filipinos and the youth on social justice and accountability."Given all the factors, yes I will be ...
A modern-day Jonah.
He’s been called the modern-day Jonah (or Geppetto, depending on the stories you heard growing up). Michael Packard is a lobster diver who was doing his job off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts when the unimaginable happened: he got swallowed ...
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