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Jot down your unexpected wins.
If 2021 taught us anything about planning, it is this: It's not always about making plans. Sometimes, it's about celebrating the joy in the unexpected. The biggest frustration of every Starbucks planner owner in 2020 was that their whole plans for the year were ...
Here's how you can buy a Starbucks Astrology Series tumbler.
Starbucks Philippines just released another set of limited-edition merchandise, this time featuring elements of the universe and astrology. The Starbucks Astrology Series features four designs based on the 12 astrological signs and the elements they represent (water, earth, fire, air).  Each tumbler costs ...
The Philippines is definitely Starbucks country.
We already know the story of the first Starbucks store in the Philippines: how it opened in 1997 at the 6750 building in Makati City, and that it was only the third international location for the Seattle, Washington-based coffee company. But how much ...
Hopefully, your 2021 will find good use of these planners.
Starbucks Philippines just unveiled its 2021 planners, and they bring hope that the following year will be a much better year than 2020.  “The presence of Starbucks has been continuously felt in the holiday celebrations of Filipinos,” shared Keith Cole, Starbucks Philippines Head ...
The cards are also eco-friendly.
Starbucks Philippines just unveiled its 5-piece-design rewards cards for the Christmas Season. The Starbucks Cards cost P300 each and will have the same amount of balance when you activate it through the Starbucks Rewards website. Each card is eco-friendly because it is not plastic but made ...
More options for remote work.
Japan continues to innovate the remote working situation. Apart from a work-from-hotel arrangement, where telecommuters can book a hotel room as their office for the day, the country now has a coworking-style Starbucks for hardworking citizens or workaholic coffee lovers.Top Story: Philippine 'Witch ...
Mystery solved, everyone.
Starbucks employees misspell your name every time. Not because they're idiots. In fact they're incredibly educated for service workers. Most Starbucks baristas are college graduates who are just bored. Your name is never correct for one simple reason. And don't worry, you don't have ...
Patrick Cabral is the first Filipino artist to collaborate with the coffee chain.
If you collect Starbucks tumblers (at this point, we're pretty sure you have an accidental collection anyway), pay attention because the coffee chain is coming out with something you'll want to get your hands on, stat: Starbucks tapped world-renowned Filipino artist Patrick ...
The new drinks will also save you from this heat.
We know you've been longing for a cup of your favorite Starbucks drink every morning since the quarantine began. Just in case you missed the good news, select Starbucks branches are now available on GrabFood. Plus, they have new refreshing Tea-ology beverages that will help you beat ...
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