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Did you get one?
About 75,000 fans trooped to the SMDC concert grounds in Parañaque for the Eraserheads’ nearly four-hour reunion concert last December 22. Arguably the most influential Filipino band ever, the Huling El Bimbo show saw the foursome of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raimund ...
DJ Bigboy Cheng, Rega Manila and Bencab come together to present another analog masterpiece.
Secret Fresh Gallery owner Bigboy Cheng, National Artist BenCab and Rega Manila’s Hermie Ventura have “secretly” started to accept bookings for a second collaboration between the legendary artist and the esoteric vinyl turntable player brand. In November of 2019, Rega released its ...
Only 100 sets were produced by British brand Rega Research.
Analog items, including vinyl records and film cameras, have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years. There’s just something irreplaceable about putting on a vinyl record and the delayed gratification of developed film (no matter how the photos turn out to be).Affirming this ...
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