See Inside Casa de Memoria's Trove of Fabulous Keepsakes

A share of this weekend's auction proceeds will go to the upcoming Red Charity Gala.

Now, much more than just a passion project, Casa de Memoria is a thriving business serving a high-end and rapidly growing niche market of art and antique enthusiasts.

With five themed auctions a year, held in March, May, July, September, and November, and each with a partnering charity that receives a portion of the auction’s sales, the house is also active with various talks and collaborations.

On Saturday, September 8, Casa de Memoria will be holding the Casa Interior Auction, its fourth for the year, and will be sharing its proceeds with the upcoming Red Charity Gala.


The offering is a treasure trove of elegant furniture, paintings, and a large range of decorative accessories for the home.

"Cosmic Rhinoceros" by Salvador Dali (Lot 162)

Portuguese chest-of-drawers with Tortuga shell and ivory inlays (Lot 25)

Ebonized corner cabinet with ivory and mother-of-pearl inlay (Lot 21)

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Pair of Doña Maria I style serpentine caned armchairs (Lot 35)

Oval sofa table with ivory tusk feet (Lot 37)

Pair of Neoclassical prints by After E. Smuglewicz (Lot 83)


Pair of Vista Allegre-Mottahede porcelain cachepots in cobalt blue and mandarin gold 

Set of nine Iberian stags in bronze (Lot 102)

Set of five letter openers in ivory and tortuga with Spanish sterling silver handle (Lot 114)


Santo Niño in Indo-Portuguese ivory (Lot 140)

Chinese ivory of immortals with wooden base (Lot 146)

Infant Jesus, Savior of the World (Lot 153)


Hispano-Filipino head of Jesus Nazaro (Lot 154)

See the full catalog here.

Learn more about Casa de Memoria and its owners Camille Lhuillier and Angelique Lhullier-Miranda in this exclusive interview with Town&Country:

How has Casa de Memoria evolved over the past couple of years?

Camille Lhuillier: What started as my sister’s [Angelique Lhuillier-Miranda] personal passion project has now evolved into a greater endeavor. Her love for art and for all the things that we auction has stemmed from how we grew up. Our competition has mainly focused on local art while we have focused on international pieces.

Casa de Memoria founders Camille Lhuillier and Angelique Lhuillier-Miranda

Have you changed the way you procure and curate?

In terms of curation, I believe that our style has developed through time because of our creative director, Miguel Rosales, and his company, Caramel.  We have focused on being professional, and running auctions in the European style. This can be seen through the quality of our production of catalogs, the quality of our pieces, and the quality of our service to our clients.

What have you noticed about your market?

In terms of our market, we have three kinds of customers. First, we have older collectors who come in and who know what they like and what they want. The next group is the emerging collectors, the ones who have a few pieces, and who are interested and passionate in art but don’t yet have the confidence that a seasoned collector has. And then we have those who are new to the art and auction scene in general.

How has this influenced how you do business?

Knowing our market has really helped us at Casa. As with most business, this information helps us assist our clients and what kind of buyers they are. It has also made us know that our business is really the kind where other normal rules don't apply. It's a very traditional business and because of that we have to cater to our clients the right way and organize events a certain way, client hospitality is key.


Do you have any advice for budding collectors on how they should approach bidding at Casa?

I am an avid art lover and collector myself, I always tell my clients to go with their hearts. If you see something you immediately love, go for it. In the end, art is so emotional. Only you can decide whether the piece is something you want to add to your home and take care of and keep. You can collect for investment, yes, but first and foremost art is something that connects to you.  I always say go for it!

If you and Angie could keep one lot each from the upcoming auction, what would it be?

If Angie could take home something it would probably be lot 037, which a spectacular oval sofa table with inlaid ivory on the wood and had three whole elephant ivory tusks as the legs. As for myself, I am attracted to lot 083. It's a pair of wonderful neoclassical prints by Franciszek Smuglewicz. They are so classic yet, with the frame and how the prints look, they translate as very modern. These would be a great addition for anyone who is looking for amazing pieces.

56 Jupiter Street, corner Comet Street, Makati, 759.9804

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