I'm a Fan: Why Everyone Needs a Dyson Pure Cool


I must admit I’m no technology geek. But ever since I was introduced to the sleek Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with its powerful digital motor last year, I’ve become a Dyson convert.

And so when I was invited to fly to Kuala Lumpur overnight to be one of the first to experience its new Dyson Pure Cool, I immediately accepted. I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s what I love about the Dyson Pure Cool.

1. It decreases pollutants and allergens by 99.95 percent.

Common pollution sources at home include outside smog, pet hair, scented candle chemical residues, paint fumes, and cleaning product chemicals, among others.

In my case, I’m allergic to dust and pollen, and have bouts of sneezing and watery eyes every morning. The Dyson Pure Cool uses a carbon filter to remove gases, and a glass HEPA filter to catch 99.95 percent of allergens and pollutants.


2. It purifies the air.

Dyson’s Pure Cool technology purifies air all around a room, including corners, nooks, and crannies. It removes kitchen and bathroom smells, cigarette smoke and garbage odors. I want one for every room in the house.

3. The Dyson Link app on your smartphone lets you track pollution, temperature, and humidity levels.

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You can control your Dyson Pure Cool from your phone, and observe how it senses the pollutants your home, gives you air quality readings, and then captures the bad air in its filters, as it sends out purified air which permeates through the room. It all happens in just a few seconds. Pretty amazing.

A similar LCD monitor on the Dyson Pure Cool unit itself also allows you to keep track of the purifying process in real time.

4. Its bladeless fan makes it safe for toddlers and children.

I was chatting with a mechanical engineer over lunch when I got back home, and he says he remains blown away (pun intended) by the idea of a fan without blades. It’s much safer for everyone concerned, especially for families with young children.

5. Its sleek, modern design can stand proudly in any room.

Dyson Pure Cool comes in two sizes, a tower for the floor, and a round fan for a desk. Each one is a conversation piece of industrial design that is a visual treat.


Dyson is famous for its modern designs and extraordinary engineering, spending billions of pounds on research and development. For this project, the company invested over 22 million pounds on R&D, including new test labs, prototypes, and connectivity research. 75 engineers in six countries developed over 2,600 prototypes of the machine before coming up with the final product.

During our Kuala Lumpur trip, we met Mark Heard, one of the advanced intelligence engineers behind the Dyson Pure Cool, based in Dyson China’s Shanghai office. He proudly showed us how he worked on the chassis of the Pure Cool, and shared his passion for designing tools for healthier homes.

Dyson design engineer Mark Heard

Mark says he carries a notebook around everywhere for when he gets sparks of inspiration. Marked “Confidential,” I saw it unattended on the podium and was really tempted to take a peek at the wonders that lie within. But unfortunately, he caught me before I could and tucked it safely away from my prying journalist eyes.


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