5 Pretty and Creative Ways Bridesmaids Can Wear Flowers to Weddings

When planning a wedding, there’s always the desire to take the road less traveled when it comes to details. Flowers have become integral to the planning process, but not many brides or planners realize they can be used in more ways than one. For starters, brides can do away with the traditional bridesmaid’s bouquet and incorporate the flora aspect in other ways. If executed correctly, for example, floral accessories may serve as that unique yet elegant touch to the entourage’s ensemble.

Maria Parsons, managing director of Lanai, says floral accessories are a novel idea simply because they are a refreshing way to bring back nature into our busy city lives. “Life has changed. You see photos of the turn of the century in the Philippines and every Filipina in formalwear had a flower in her hair and I think it’s mostly because people had gardens. There were trees around,” Parsons says. “Nowadays, people don’t have access to flowers, plants, or gardens most of the time.” This means it takes a whole lot more effort to create a floral accessory as compared to just picking up a flower from a bush.

In choosing a floral accessory, Parsons advises the bride to make it a personal decision and pick the flower she's drawn to the most. The next step is to have a florist advise which flowers will last the longest. “Not all flowers may take to being used in that format, and some are more delicate than others.” 


Once past the selection step, brides may work with their florists on their preferred designs and applications. Here are a few ideas:

Hair Accessories

Flower crown made with Cymbidium, Celosia, calachuchi, eremurus, and eucalyptus; On model: Vania Romoff dress

Of course, the undying flower crown is here to stay. Brides mustn’t, however, fixate on conventional species such as roses and peonies. Flower crowns are some of the more versatile floral accessories because of their size, which translates to bigger and bolder options. Flower crowns and necklaces may also last longer since florists may include a discreet water source in the arrangement, according to Parsons.

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Floral headpiece composed of achillea, hypericum, snapdragon, veronica, and myosotis; On model: Carolina Herrera dress

There are also other variations to the floral headpiece, such as this creative fascinator. Bridesmaids may also add nature’s touch to the current fashion trend of oversized headbands or barrettes.

Bracelets or Corsages

On model: Vania Romoff top and Carolina Herrera trousers


A bracelet made of Cymbidium orchids, hypericum, eucalyptus, and helleborus

Parsons finds that cymbidiums, or boat orchids, are ideal variants for certain applications. They’re also a popular choice for corsages like this one. “Cymbidiums work all year ‘round, which is great, and they come in a vast array of colors.” These bracelets could, alternatively, be worn as chokers.

Other choice flowers include chrysanthemums, carnations, and smaller roses or imported flowers.


Floral earrings composed of achillea, hypericum berries, and myosotis

Floral earrings are more challenging to pull off, simply because they’re smaller and more delicate. It would also be more difficult to connect these smaller flowers to a water source, but they do make novel statements as accessories.


Helleborus, hypericum berries, achillea, and veronica ring

As with earrings, a ring is also one of the more fragile options but the pay-off is great. Apart from flowers, florists may also make use of berries and leaves.


Celosia, bouvardia, veronica, achillea, and snapdragon necklace

For a more eye-catching option, a big floral necklace will definitely steal the spotlight as much as any piece of diamond jewelry would. Other fun formats aside from the design above include leis, floral pendants, and chokers.  


Lanai offers these floral accessories services upon request. To preserve floral accessories, Parsons says the flowers must be kept in water for as long as possible. “The best thing to do would be to assemble them as close to the event as possible,” she says, “That way they have the longest life out of water.” The accessories must also be kept out of direct sunlight and could be kept cool through occasional misting. “If you pick the right flowers, there’s a great chance that you could use the accessories for at least a day.”

Lanai, The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Don Chino Roces Extension Avenue, Makati, 802.5427

Perfumes: Jo Malone London

Model: Elena Ortega

Makeup by Pam Robes using Laura Mercier

Hair by Nico Bruel

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