Senate Wants Proof-of-Parking Space Act Fast-tracked

In support of the governmentâs efforts to reclaim public roads

We’ve seen road-clearing operations ramping up in the past few weeks following President Rodrigo Duterte’s orders to reclaim all public roads that are being used by private entities. In line with this, Senator Win Gatchalian recently requested the President to fast-track the passing of the Proof-of-Parking Space Act into law.

“Passing this bill will be a big boost to the administration’s campaign of reclaiming public roads and help ease the perennial traffic woes we are experiencing in Metro Manila,” said the senator. “I hope President Duterte will certify this bill as urgent as it is very much aligned with his vision of alleviating the constant struggles of the commuting public.”

Senate Bill No. 368, which was filed by Gatchalian last month, is the most recent version of the Proof-of-Parking Space Act; an earlier version was in the works late last year. If passed into law, it will require all potential vehicle buyers—both individuals and businesses—to present proof that they have proper parking spaces for their intended purchases. This will be in the form of an affidavit confirming the existence of an available parking area that has been acquired by the car buyer through purchase or lease.

SBN 368 will also mandate the Land Transportation Office and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to conduct regular inspections of major and minor thoroughfares around the metro to remove illegally parked vehicles—an operation that some local government units have already begun in compliance with the Department of Interior and Local Government’s 60-day deadline for the road cleanup.


“Motor vehicle owners should be made responsible to provide permanent parking space for their private vehicles, whether this is made an integral part of their house or building structure, or a leased facility,” Gatchalian said. “The street is primarily intended for vehicular or foot traffic and should not be appropriated as personal parking spaces for these vehicles.

“The present administration is in a good position to achieve real, tangible change by overhauling Metro Manila's outdated public transportation system,” the lawmaker concluded

Check out more details on the Senate Bill here, then tell us what you think in the comments.

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