Why Road Safety Is Important, According to Content Creator David Guison

Ford Philippines' new safety ambassador talks about his newest passion and offers tips on road safety.
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Look up David Guison online and the first three things that pop up are his populous Twitter account, a YouTube channel with close to 10 million views, and his 10-year-old fashion blog DG Manila. He’s front and center in all of them, in different OOTDs and on occasion, holding a style or grooming product, an accessory, or sometimes even food items.

With DG Manila turning 10 this year, Guison is opening himself up more to new things, and that involves a lot of travel, which is why he’s sharing road safety tips as a Safety Ambassador for Ford Philippines.

“As a content creator, I’m always on the lookout for new things,” he tells Esquire Philippines. “New restaurants, cafés, hotels, activities, etc. With this, I can’t just stay in one place. I have to always explore and be up for any adventure. This keeps me motivated as a creator and it keeps my audience engaged. So safety is very important because as much as I want to have the best experience, I make sure it’s safe and I would never risk my life for the sake of ‘content.’”


Why is road safety important?

Out of all the auto brands espousing road safety, why choose the Detroit-based automaker?

According to Guison, it was in one of those Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) programs where he first learned about the stark statistics when it comes to vehicle collisions. In the Philippines, 10,000 people die annually from road crashes and the most vulnerable are the 20- to 29-year-olds.

This is exactly his target market. He knows how they think, their wants and desires, and what they do to achieve their goals, and now he’s using his connection with them to teach and preach.

“My followers and subscribers are mostly millennials—and I know how we are,” Guison says. “We are so invested in social media, messaging our friends, taking Instagram stories, Facetime-ing, etc. We love to multitask, and most of us do this even when we are driving!"

“I am guilty of this too,” he adds. “When I was younger and I would get a notification on my phone, I can’t help but check my phone even if I’m driving. Since it’s usually so traffic in EDSA anyway, I can do so many things even if I’m driving. As an advocate of road safety, we need to educate our young drivers with driving safely.”

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While he takes safety very seriously now with his new role, just like most drivers, he learned about the do’s and dont’s the hard way.

“I left the house early to make it to my morning shoot. Since I live in Quezon City and most of my meetings, events, and shoots are in Makati or BGC, I make it a point to leave extra early. I was driving along EDSA, so used to checking my phone from time to time. I’m just going straight and slowly anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? True enough, a lot can happen when you look down on your phone for even just two seconds. I hit the car in front of me, causing me to be an hour late to my shoot! Well, you really have to learn the hard way, right? Thank God it was a minor accident!”

But out of all the things to consider when you hit the road, and there are a lot—defensive driving, don’t tailgate, allow other vehicles to merge, don’t block intersections, and the list goes on and on—Guison’s most important road safety tip is for you to always remember to buckle up.

“Something I live by, even before, is to never forget to wear your seatbelt,” he says. “I always wear a seatbelt no matter how near or far I’m driving to. It also applies to the passengers, even at the back! Sometimes we don’t wear seatbelts for the shallow reason that we don’t want our clothes to get wrinkly or creased. Sometimes we only wear our seatbelt when we see an MMDA officer nearby. Keep in mind that something as easy as putting on your seatbelt can save your life.”


Looking good while driving

His driving pet peeve?

“I really hate drivers who are so aggressive on the road. Who always cut in between cars, honk their cars a lot. They’re basically bullies on the road. The traffic is enough for me to stress about. That’s why I try to be as safe and as chill as I can—but always be alertwhen I drive. My mindset is ‘we’ll all get to wherever we are going’ so might as well just drive safely.”

Last but definitely not the least, since we clearly don’t have Guison’s style chutzpah, let’s build on his basic tips on how to look good when behind the wheel.

“I love a good pair of sunglasses whenever I drive. Not only does it do its job of protecting our eyes when it’s too sunny, but it can make you feel and look good, too. A nice dress watch works, too.”


While you’re at it, pamper your car the way David does his EcoSport, “I love a good dash kit, floor mat, seat covers, and a phone mount.”

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