How You Can Fix Waze's Strange New Routing Habits


There’s been something going on lately with everyone’s favorite navigation app. If you’ve noticed, Waze no longer gives you the quickest route to your destination by default. Instead, it gives you a route that sometimes makes your trip longer. I’ve personally seen the app tell me that my drive to work will take an hour and a half, but when I checked the other routes, it turned out I could get to the office in under an hour.

This Facebook post by Apa Ongpin explains the situation pretty well:


There are two ways you can fix this to save you the trouble of choosing an alternate route: If you only drive one car, you can enter your car’s license plate in the app settings. Or, if you tend to switch cars, you can change your vehicle type from Private to Taxi.

Give the fixes above a try and let us know how it goes. Have you experienced Waze’s weird routes lately?

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