Nina Unlay

Nina Unlay is pursuing an MA in Journalism. She used to be the Features Editor of GRID magazine.
As Filipinos lean on a culture of compassion, donation fatigue sets in.
It’s not the guidebook we asked for, but it might be the one we need.
It ends with a handy trick: control + F and the magic word, “consent.”
On the up side, it's also great footage of the ER staff doing their jobs in the face of difficult circumstances.
The series of student protests turned violent is about more than just a car accident.
It took 13 years before we took the RH bill seriously, and eight years for Celdran to be convicted for advocating it.
Hint: When he says, “Uy, Harry Potter,” he isn’t taking you to Hogwarts.
Spoiler alert: The star of the show only appears twice.
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