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DJ Kat Alano Joins #HijaAko Movement After Revealing Her Rape by Celebrity Whose Name #RhymesWithWrong

She identified her rapist only as '#rhymeswithwrong.'

Disc jockey Kat Alano has proven that wearing a woman's clothing has nothing to do with risk of rape. Kat, 34, is the latest celebrity to take part in the #HijaAko movement on Twitter.

In a tweet on Monday morning, June 15, she revealed that she was wearing a T-shirt and pants when she became a victim of rape a few years ago.

She identified the suspect as “#rhymeswithwrong.”

According to the Filipino-British DJ, she was drugged and unconscious, which made it difficult for her rapist to remove her pants.

Then, Alano added, the "still famous celebrity" conducted smear campaigns against her. As a result, Alano lost her career.

The rest of Alano's tweet (published as is) reads:

“When I was raped by #rhymeswithwrong still famous celebrity who had smear campaigns to destroy my career & raped many more, I was wearing a Tshirt and jeans. He drugged me too, so trying to take my jeans off was difficult for him. Hard to rape an unconscious person in jeans. #HijaAko.”


Alano Steps Forward as a Rape Victim

Alano's first cryptic tweets about the controversial rape were published in January 2014.

At the time, model Deniece Cornejo's rape accusation against comedian-TV host Vhong Navarro was being hotly debated.

In an interview with Kat on DJ Mo Twister's radio program in April of that year, she admitted that she had been raped by a "public figure."

According to Kat, Cornejo's lawsuit against Navarro prompted her to speak.

"Out of all the high-profile cases that have been in the media, this one is something that triggered me the most," Alano told DJ Mo.

That month, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismissed Cornejo's rape case against Navarro, for lack of evidence.

Drugged and Raped at Only 19

Alano told DJ Mo, the assault happened nine years ago. She was only 19 years old.

Alano did not name the man who she hung out with at a club.

According to Alano, he had insisted on taking her home, where the rape occurred. She suspected the man had put drugs in her drink.

She repeatedly lost consciousness during the assault.

Help from the Department of Justice

On January 19, 2015, Alano posted an open letter to then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Facebook.

Alano wrote that under the jurisdiction of De Lima, a "public figure who is a known rapist who has had several rape cases filed against him has been allowed to go free."

Alano said the man is also alleged to have raped her.

In the same letter, Alano pleaded with De Lima to help her and the other rape victims achieve justice, especially if the accused was a known personality.

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She also wrote that it is in the Philippines' culture that “justice has been unfairly weighed in favor of rapists.”

Alano said she was able to prove she had been raped, but it was she who lost her job instead of her rapist.

In addition, she was also harassed by netizens who said she was just faking her ordeal.

In response, De Lima urged Alano to file a lawsuit against her rapist.

“She has to file a case, and then it will start at the prosecutor’s office. Let the prosecutor assess the case, assess the evidence if there is indeed a rape," said de Lima.

But Alano never filed a lawsuit against her rapist.

‘I Will Stand By My Truth’

In another tweet from Alano yesterday, she gave a message to those who bashed her after revealing about her rape.

Years later her assault, Alano still stands up for her "truth" against her "serial rapist."

Alano tweeted: “And for all those who bashed me and enjoyed my downfall, I still stand by my truth. That man is a serial rapist. And #RapeisRape #HijaAko.”


In Alano's latest tweet on June 16, she explained to those who questioned why she couldn't sue her rapist.

According to Alano, the suspect's camp had already assured him that all charges against the celebrity would be dismissed.

Alano tweeted on Tuesday: “BTW, for everyone asking why I never filed. His uncle made sure that all cases against him would be dismissed. I found this out first hand. Also they have been waiting to file a case against me to silence me & discredit me in the media, knowing I could never get justice by filing."

The #HijaAko Movement

On Sunday, June 14, #HijaAko started trending on Twitter. This was after Frankie Pangilinan, 19, returned the word "hija" to broadcaster Ben Tulfo when he opposed Pangilinan’s tweet against victim blaming.


Pangiinan reacted to a controversial and now-deleted Facebook post by the Lucban Municipal Police, which banned women from wearing shorts to avoid sex crimes.

In his tweet, Tulfo called Pangilinan "hija" and said "a sex offender's desire to commit a crime will always be there."

Tulfo warned, “Sexy ladies, be careful with the way you dress up! You are inviting the beast.”

In response, Pangilinan explained to the broadcaster three important points about the reality of "rape culture" in the country.


Pangilinan also changed her Twitter name and made it "hija."

The movement aims to encourage women to take a stand against victim blaming. Hundreds of people have used #HijaAko on Twitter to share their own sexual harassment experiences.

Among them was actress Lauren Young, who said she was once groped in Boracay. She said she wasn’t even wearing provocative clothing at the time of her assault.

This story originally appeared on, and has been translated from Filipino to English by editors.

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