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All the Times Hollywood Reporters Asked Award-Winning Korean Celebrities the Wrong Questions

Some interviewers are unaware of their popularity.

The past years have been great for the Hallyu wave with K-pop, K-dramas, and K-movies achieving global success. Because of the international recognition, Korean stars are often invited to the U.S to attend a prestigious event, receive their well-deserved award, or talk to the press. While this is a proud moment for most fans, there are times when Hollywood interviewers ask an awkward inquiry and we can't help but feel second-hand embarrassment. Here are four Korean celebrities who were asked the wrong questions by Hollywood reporters.

Bong Joon Ho


In 2020, Parasite took the world by storm both as a blockbuster hit and an award-winning film. The black comedy movie did not only sweep box office in various countries—it also received four awards at the Oscarsnamely Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature Film, Best Director, and the coveted Best Picture. Parasite is helmed by Bong Joon Ho and it's one of his masterpieces that's widely successful. During an interview, a Hollywood reporter asked him: "As a filmmaker, what made you decide to have the film in Korean when you've had other films in English?" Users think that this question is just downright ignorant, knowing that almost all of his movies are Korean and only two are in English. But Joon Ho gracefully replied, "Snowpiercer is also about the rich and poor, but I wanted to see explore [a] similar theme with characters that I could see around my own daily life, set in Korea, with the Korean language."


Youn Yuh Jung

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Youn Yuh Jung's decades-long career is evident when you search her name on the internet due to her long list of projects and awards. Last year, she made history as the first Korean actress to win at the Academy Awards, where she took home the Best Supporting Actress trophy for her role in Minari. Right after the event, the 74-year-old was invited to the Oscars press room and was asked questions that are mostly related to Brad Pitt ( he owns the company that produced Minari) which seems to divert the attention away from her. The most cringe-worthy one was about how he smells like, and Yuh Jung has the best response to this: "I didn't smell him, I’m not a dog!"

Lee Jung Jae

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Netflix's Squid Game is definitely a game-changer in the K-drama scene with its popularity and multiple feats. The psychological thriller is led by Lee Jung Jae, a household name in the industry who has been acting since 1993. In an interview in the U.S, Jung Jae was taken by surprise when a reporter from Extra asked him: "For you, I'm sure you can't leave the house anymore without people recognizing you. What has been the biggest change for you since the series came out?" Jung Jae did not let her feel uncomfy with his response but it was also a redeeming moment: "Yes, that is correct. Of course, the biggest change is that many people recognize me. In America, that is."

Jung Ho Yeon (and Lee Jung Jae)


Squid Game reached another milestone and this time, it's at the 28th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon walked up to the stage and received the Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series awards in the male and female categories. It seems like the research was not done once again because during the post-event Q&A, the two Squid Game stars were questioned on what they're going to miss about being anonymous (which they are definitely not, since Jung Jae is a veteran actor and Ho Yeon is a top model). Ho Yeon simply said, "Nothing!"


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