Remember The Guitarist from School of Rock? He's Now a District Attorney

‘Hear me, I’m heartsick. I’m hungry, I will survive on you.’

Remember Spider, that gyrating lead guitarist of No Vacancy in School of Rock? He’s now a lawyer. But not just any lawyer, he’s the distinct attorney in Tyler, Texas. Here’s a clip to refresh your memory. Spider, aka Lucas Babin in real life, is the guy with the long hair sporting leather sleeves. 

Despite being a very minor character in School of Rock (Babin’s scenes in the movie were less than a minute long altogether), his character gathered a cult following because of how he commanded attention.

Twitter user Janel Comeau outed the former actor and model. 

“Imagine having to explain to your family that you got put away for life by the dude who gyrated on Joan Cusack in a 2003 Jack Black comedy,” wrote Comeau. 

Another user replied, “Not my sexual awakening revealing himself as a Texan government official!”

The irony of it all is how the film teaches little kids to never give up on thief dreams of pursuing a career in music. 

Follow me, I too gave up on my dreams of rock superstardom and now I am a square who writes essays about dog buttholes,” Comeau writes. She was referring to her website about being a square who writes essays about dog buttholes. 

Lucas Babin was 23 years old at the time  School of Rock (2003) was filming. He took on more minor roles in film and TV after that while modeling on the side and taking law school classes. He eventually earned his juris doctor at the University of Houston Law School. 


According to one of the law offices he worked at, he worked ten years in the fashion and entertainment industries and practiced civil litigation. “His practice focuses primarily on personal injury litigation, family law, and criminal defense,” reads Babin’s profile on the website. 

In 2018, Babin was elected district attorney of Tyler Country, Texas. In 2020, he was awarded “Citizen of the Year” by Tyler County’s Chamber of Commerce.

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