Transwoman Billionaire Wants Clint Bondad to End Drama, Reveals Clint is Living with Her

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"There is no tea to spill over! Stop this nonsense drama, everyone! I'm tired."

This is the statement of Thai billionaire transwoman Jakkaphong "Anne" Jakrajutatip, Clint Bondad's self-proclaimed close friend.

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Anne is the CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, a global content provider and channel operator of various TV series and movies.

Anne is also the Thai distributor of several teleseryes from ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

Clint is the actor who became the boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. The two have since separated.

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On July 19, Anne uttered strong words that she was tired of having a "psychopath" and "German sausage" in her life.

She followed it up with a sharp threat: "I will clean up your dirty secret now!”

Netizens quickly realized that Anne's statement was related to Clint.

Like Clint's viral Instagram Stories, Anne has also attracted a strong following of her Instagram Stories, where she says she is full of "bullshit" of the person she calls "Mr. C."

Anne said with a sad emoji, "The Stupid EGO of a man will always destroy his life ... it's true. You can play the Universe but I'm the Queen of Galaxy ... I'm too strong and won't be defeated! Do the right thing now!"

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There is No Code

On Monday, July 20, Anne directly named Clint as the person she was referring to in her Instagram posts.

According to Anne, Clint's intriguing posts on social media should be ignored because it will not actually will reveal information that will surprise netizens.

"There is no code. Grow up people! Don't get played," said Anne, who spoke to netizens in the comments section of her Instagram posts.

What Anne is referring to here are Clint's mysterious clues that netizens are trying to interpret.

Clint trended on Twitter for a few days after he launched a countdown, along with rumors that he will release explosive secrets on Instagram.

But the netizens who waited after the countdown, with a deadline of 1 A.M. on Friday, July 17, were disappointed when nothing was revealed.

Clint just kept posting Instagram Stories—but no secret was revealed.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, who Clint had been in a relationship with for more than six years before they separated in December 2018, was involved in the issue.


Catriona's current boyfriend, Kapamilya actor Sam Milby, is also involved in the issue.

Clint regularly mentioned the names "Sam" and "Cat" in his cryptic Instagram Stories.

On July 13, Clint announced that he sent a direct message to Sam on Instagram because he wanted to talk to him.

Clint did not clarify whether his intention was personal or business with Sam.


Anne Reveals Clint is Living With Her

Anne was criticized for allegedly involving herself in the issue.

At this point, Anne announced that Clint was in her influence, and that he has been living in her house for nine months.

Anne further clarified that she considered Clint as a young brother.

She said she will not tolerate Clint's alleged game with netizens, which played out in the cryptic posts of the former Kapuso actor.

"No need to talk about me as he would not dare to anyway. It's not about me. It's about his life with me in my house and I can't stand for it when there is the misuse of media conducted by the person who you honor to be your brother."

There are questions as to why Anne resulted to lashing out at Clint on social media instead of talking about it in private.

Anne explained that she just wanted to give Clint a lesson.


"Sometimes you need to confront some issue in front of public. Someone who doesn't have remorse, he / she then needs the humiliation to create fear of doing it again."

Anne even said that she was tired of "German sausage" in her previous posts about Clint. Others feel it has a sexual connotation.

Anne dismissed it, "The word sausage is not important. I just want to illustrate that the Good Quality man will use his brain leading life not his dick!"

As she considers Clint as a brother, Anne believes that she still has hope to change.

It is said that Anne's own family also considers the young man a family member, especially since he still lives with her.


"We would like him to be successful in life. He's a smart and nice gentleman," said Anne.

A netizen said Clint was "too immature" based on his social media functions.

Although Anne was annoyed by Clint's outrage, she defended the model-actor.

According to Anne, "Everyone can grow up well and it's the job of a good sister like me to step into before the situation gets worse and affects too many other people."

One netizen agreed with Anne's mediation of the issue, and hoped that Anne would convince Clint to stop spreading trivial posts.

Anne replied, "He's a good man who needs to be trained. Having the right mindset is definitely the issue."

This story originally appeared on and has been translated and shortened by editors. Minor edits have been made.

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