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Film Is Not Dead: Where To Buy Analog Cameras Online

Score the authentic vintage effect sans editing apps!
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Thanks to today's technology, our smartphones can do it all—surf the net, stream videos, do online bank transactions, play games, and take photos that can rival the quality of a DSLR camera. There is, however, a certain charm that comes with using "old-fashioned" analog or film cams. Aside from scoring an authentic vintage effect, there is also the element of not being able to see how your pictures would turn out until you have them developed. This encourages people to not overthink their shots, and instead, just have fun with them.

That said, if you're interested in owning an analog camera, Instagram shops have made it easier to browse through different models in one place. So whether you're a budding photographer or just a film enthusiast, you'll surely find the right one for you. Keep on scrolling to learn more:

  1. @filmcameraph

  2. @analogiqueph

  3. @analogfilmsph

  4. @filmclassicsph

  5. @theanalogcartel


  7. @kameraclubstore

Bonus! Where to buy film rolls:

  1. @filmmstore


  3. @filmfolk_

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