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Book Your Next Tattoo With These 10 Amazing Tattoo Artists in the Philippines

There are countless talented tattoo artists in the Philippines.

A tattoo is only as good as the tattoo artist that made it, and lucky for us, there are countless talented tattoo artists in the Philippines. Tattoos are no longer a taboo in our society, or at least not as much as before. Now, people seek out the best tattoo shops with the hopes of finding the right artist to etch their designs on their skin.

Finding the right tattoo artist is about more than just beautiful designs. The best ones will guide you, point out which designs fit you best, call you out when you’re making a not-so-wise decision, and direct you on how to look after your tattoo. They’ll keep your tatts precise and clean.

There are far too many amazing tattoo artists out there to name, so we’ll stick to ten of some the most versatile ink artists in the country. If you’re interested in getting a tattoo by them, reach out to them via their Instagram accounts to set up an appointment.

Ezekiel Oclaray

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Walang Kapangi-pangimi ???? ???? ????? Thank you for sending me a photo of your healed tattoo, @maikeru_carranza #handpokeph #baybayin

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If handpoke is your thing, then Zeke is one of the best handpoke tattoo artists in the Philippines. Handpoke artists’ instruments are only a needle, ink, and a very steady hand. Zeke’s is one of the steadiest out there, and he also specializes in Baybayin tattoos.

Eloise Cadilo

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Ibong Adarna ????

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This young artist has been tattooing for only a short while, but you wouldn’t believe it if you saw her stunning work. Her customized designs look like they stepped straight out of a sketch book. Delicate and detailed, each design is heaped with meaning and purpose.


Leo Vincent Genabe

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#medusa #medusatattoo #singleneedletattoo #tattoo

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We happened across Genabe’s work at Whiplash, one of the top tattoo shops in the country and also where Leo happens to work. Precision is this guy’s specialty, made obvious by his light and detailed works.


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On one of the few clients I had back when I was just a newbie tattooer. Thank you for trusting me again, @itsme_jeffy

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It’s hard not to be charmed by Charmth (see what we did there?). She’s a master of watercolor style tattoos, and her control over color is incredible. If you want a feminine or colored tattoo, Charmth is the one to go to.

Gigie Santiago

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A cicada for Jaymes ?

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Also known as GigiBear, Santiago has carved a place for herself in the local tattoo community. She’s one of the leading blackwork artists in the country, and we think anyone who says otherwise is blind.

Jhay Colis

If you want a sleeve, Colis is the one to turn to. His skills range from geometric to neo-traditional designs and even sleeve-sized portraits. But no matter how big his work, everything is still precise and detailed.

Eric Jason Manio

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Regulars at Arte Tattoo will know who Eric is, or at least just his name. Manio knows how to keep it classy, and most importantly, clean. Blackwork and line art is his specialty, but he also dabbles in portraits.

Annie Concepcion

If you ever end up at 55 Tinta, try a session with Concepcion. She’s an expert when it comes to minimalist tattoos, but Concepcion can execute almost anything. Her floral designs are particularly stunning, as well as her colored work.


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The #Cosmic #Self custom designed for Alex ? Salamat @idundundun !!! ????????

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A tattoo artist at Good Hand Tattoo, Minnie’s style is unmistakable—and in-demand. There’s something mesmerizing about her work. It’s not minimalist like most modern artists, but it speaks of style and identity. 

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Ryan Bernardino

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#tattoo #blackandgrey #pinoy

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No one does large tattoos quite like Bernardino. Whether it’s a sleeve or a full back, his work remains detailed and mesmerizing. With this artist, it’s go big or go home.

These are just some of the many talented tattoo artists in the Philippines, and if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below!

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