This Bahay Kubo in The Sims 4 Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Childhood Summers in the Province

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Let’s face it: Most of us play The Sims to fulfill our (financial) dreams. There’s no Ctrl + Shift + C in the real world, and definitely no motherlode. With all the simoleons players can cheat into their pockets, players can build the biggest and most ostentatious houses of their dreams. But this humble island home might make you want to trade your mansions and villas for a simple nipa hut that will make you wax nostalgic for your childhood summers spent with your family in the province. 

Made by Leo, a 26-year-old YouTuber and architecture graduate from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, this elevated bahay kubo on stilts is a pretty accurate depiction of a provincial (and even city) home in the Philippines. It’s not grand by any means, but the homey, nostalgic vibe of the thatched roof house will make you want to schedule a road trip to your lola’s home.

Leo was inspired by his childhood surroundings and wanted to “capture that idyllic provincial lifestyle.” Aside from wanting to inject everyone with a healthy dose of nostalgia, Leo is also hoping that this will promote heritage conservation. While nipa huts/bahay kubo aren’t as grand as Spanish heritage houses, these humble houses are indigenous to the Philippines.

“Nowadays, we are demolishing so many of our old buildings without regard or their historical significance so I want to do my part and educate people to value our culture and appreciate our old buildings,” said Leo.

Photo by XFreezerBunnyX.
Photo by XFreezerBunnyX.

Aside from the timber posts, banggerahan, dirty kitchen, and outhouse, it’s the finite details that managed to capture a true Filipino home. There’s a walis tambo next to a cabinet full of ivory plates only taken out on special occasions. By the door, above the customary shoe rack, is a wall of achievements full of every medal, certificate, and trophy a family has ever achieved. This is, of course, next to an alter of Mama Mary. To make it even more authentic, there’s even a timba and tabo in the outhouse bathroom. 

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Photo by XFreezerBunnyX.

Photo by XFreezerBunnyX.

What really takes the cake is the amount of clutter, representing the Filipino habit for hoarding and reusing everything. There are boxes and plastic bins on top of cabinets and beside beds, products are strewn all over the dressing table, and there’s even a tire reused as a plant pot.


It might not be the most glamorous house in The Sims 4 neighborhood, but it is quintessentially Filipino. No cheat codes necessary.

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