How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dog in the Philippines? A Lot, Depending on How Much You Spoil Your Pup


Just how much do you need to save before getting a dog? A lot, according to’s latest research. At least, depending on just how much you want to spoil your dog.

For new dog owners, you’ll likely spend about P25,000 minimum on your doggo’s first year, inclusive of dog food, grooming essentials, toys, treats, and vet visits.


This is just considering the monthly expenses of your dog, not taking into account adopting or buying a dog (P16,000)—we advocate #AdoptNotShop—and one-time services like neutering, microchipping, and obedience training (P16,799). Of course, the latter expenses aren’t quite as popular among Filipino dog owners.

And then there’s the shopping spree first-time dog owners go on in preparation for their new furry family member. Your first trip to the pet shop will likely cost more than P2,192 for a collar, harness, leash, tag, bed, brush, and bowls—and that’s just the basics. Then the cost for a muzzle (if needed), an LED collar, and a doggo carrier can add P1,910 to your receipt. (But let’s be real, it’ll go way beyond that).


As for yearly expenses, food can cost anywhere from P19,200 for small dogs to P30,900 for big dogs per year if you opt for basic dog food. If you go for the premium, high-end breeds, it can be anywhere from P32,300 to P172,00 per year.

Grooming and care can cost P4,068 per year for a full grooming kit, groomer visits, deworming, anti-tick and flea treatment, and of course, poop bags. But if you plan to spoil your dogs as much as Paris Hilton when it comes to grooming, care and beauty could cost P8,200 per year.

As for dog toys, Picodi estimates the cost to be P943 per year, with an additional P695 for “intelligent” dog toys. Then there are annual vaccinations and vet visits that can cost P950 to P1,100 per year if your dog is healthy. And if you’re up for it, pet sitters, dog hotels, and pet health insurance can cost you P15,400 per year, although these are not obligatory purchases.

The price of getting a pup varies per owner depending on what they can afford and how much they want to pamper their pup. Your expenses might not be as high as Picodi’s estimated average, but there’s no doubt about the costs, commitment, and care needed to raise a dog.

So don’t adopt on a whim—dogs are a responsibility, but the loyalty and love they give us in return are priceless.

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