Manila Is One of the Least Hygienic Cities in the World

According to research.

You may have been relieved to hear that the Philippines has one of the best air quality ratings in Asia, but Manila doesn't fare quite too well when it comes to hygiene.

GotParts747, a Silicon Valley-based company that manufactures specialty chemicals, ranked our capital as one of the least hygienic cities in the world. Researchers analyzed 20 capital cities based on pollution levels, amount of solid waste generated, rate of recycling and composting, handwashing culture, and more to come up with the results.

Berlin topped the list for recycling 66 percent of its material and for importing 79,079,600 kilograms of hand sanitizer, followed by Canberra, Australia and Ottawa, Canada. New Dehli ended up last as it generates 9,700 tonnes of waste per day.

The Philippines was the second least hygienic, no thanks to our high pollution levels. In addition, we only recycle and compost six percent of our waste. The final nail in the coffin, however, was our hand washing culture, or lack thereof.

Check out the list below.

  1. Berlin, Germany - 8.2
  2. Canberra, Australia - 7.5
  3. Ottawa, Canada - 7.2
  4. Seoul, South Korea - 6.8
    = Paris, France - 6.8
  5. Rome, Italy - 6.5
  6. London, UK - 6.3
  7. Wellington, NZ - 6.2
  8. Cape Town, South Africa - 5.8
  9. Tokyo, Japan - 5.5
  10. Bangkok, Thailand - 5.2
  11. Moscow, Russia - 5.0
    = Washington D.C, USA - 5.0
  12. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 4.5
  13. Lagos, Nigeria - 4.0
    = Jakarta, Indonesia
    = Mexico City, Mexico
    = Beijing, China
  14. Manila, Philippines - 3.8
  15. New Delhi, India - 3.2

"We are all responsible for the area we live in and every individual can positively contribute to the world by doing just their own bit. During our research, we realized that recycling and composting averaged a score below five, and hand sanitizer imports averaged a score of 3.1 for all the cities across the world. This itself is an area to begin with. There's still a long way to go," says Shawn Sahbari, CEO of GotParts747.


Not all is lost. There's still hope for Manila as even several private companies in India are coming forward and, um, joining hands with the local government to deal with the landfills.

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